So Many Protests

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What's the level beyond tea party like? What's the next big boss so okay? Idaho's Idaho Freedom Foundation. I'm not sure who really the big bosses. I don't know fits Betsy Devos's family. Yeah they're definitely part of it. Her brother Eric. Prince is the head of Blackwater. Yeah so far right wing conservative family that wants to get public education and who own their own army. Yeah there's shock. Yeah yeah this is a family who wants to privatize everything brave. Because they've already shown how they can privatize and military exactly yeah. I don't know how well known it is but all of those numbers on how many troops are in Iraq. Were all about half with the real numbers were because of Blackwater and quote Mercenary Contractors. No of course mercenaries. Yeah Yeah and so anyway the the Devos and the Prince family are. They're actively involved in all of this funding some of the groups in particular the group that that's behind the Michigan New York Virginia rallies that Donald Trump tweeted about right because he had his own hand. I'm sure in making those I mean. He's actively said that. Oh Yeah He. He's actively saying that. He has all of the power. Not The governor's but the governors have to be doing everything and we should be doing all this sheltering in placing and not shutting out of these businesses but liberate these states because Second Amendment right which is a convoluted convoluted convoluted argument at best. It's not even a convoluted argument. It's it's not even an argument. He's you can't say trump can't say that he has absolute control over this because he doesn't especially when he also follows that with the. I'm completely not responsible for any of this right. He's trying to have his cake and eat it too. Which only works with far right wing groups that are being funded by a family that gets their money from government contracts war profiteering Yup and I mean today. The day of recording. We We had a big protest down the neighborhood. Park Kleiner Park in Meridian. It was a bunch of women in their kids. They're all playing on the playground. Equipment Co. Cram packed in there Because it was public property and they had a right to have access to it It was also funded by Freedom Foundation. And that's that's a logical follow-up to the protests that happened on Saturday on the purchase happened on Saturday with more than a thousand people in attendance at the Idaho State Capitol the Idaho. Freedom Foundation was the main group behind it but there were libertarians. Gun rights groups anti VACs groups all. They're waving their flags. Yeah it was. It was not a pretty scene. There is a lot of hostility. There were people being abused. Beaten I wouldn't say beaten but there is a couple of people who got pushed around and the cops protected the whole time. The people are getting pushed around or the people doing the pushing of the people. Doing the pushing no the people who were there protesting the cops are there to make sure that nobody got really hurt. But that didn't stop these people from hurting people who were protesting their protest. Yeah and a lot of these people were carrying guns. Yeah it was open. Carry season out there. It was which because that's what that's really about. Which if you're having a I know there are people who would argue this. But in my opinion a protest with guns is not a peaceful protest. No because the gun automatically is a sign of intimidation not right. If it's I mean that's how I feel if you have a rally with a bunch of people with guns that scary. Yeah with people with guns. That looks to me. A Lot. Like a military formation a rebel group of militia a peaceful protest in this case they weren't marching basically a peaceful protests. There does the other side feel that they can also protest so do you have equal protests anti protest groups going on in protests. Like this one where there was a lot of open Kerry. There was a lot of angry yelling people. There was no chance for an anti protest to develop because those people would have been in actual danger right and the whole point of this protest was too loudly and very aggressively. Threatened the government. Yeah and got away. Scot-free technically everyone in that protest committed a misdemeanor by being there yet but committee and getting charged with and actually be punished for are very different and also. There's no way that the state of Idaho could arrest more than a thousand people. Oh please tell me that. There's no way to tell if even five percent of them have guns. Yeah Yeah. It's really frustrated. Heather Scott from northern Idaho was of course all behind it. It's just it blows my mind that she's running that nobody's running against her so she's guaranteed in for the next. You know what the. Hell

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