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Actually I am kind of I write poetry Snow Book Secret Notebook or your poet. Yeah that's great but you like to hear what sure sure it doesn't really Ryan though. Okay kind of like him better when they don't me to all right so we've heard your number ten. We've heard my number six Adam driver. Who's your number nine performer? The decade? Okay boy this hurts me because it wasn't too long ago I was asking if this was the best actress of the twenty tens and I still think she's in the conversation but Elizabeth Moss. When I sat down to do this list fell down to number nine okay and I think for me. It's it's partly again. I'm backing into the list here. It's partly because her strongest work was on television. I don't know if it's fair. We're a film show so I'M GONNA hold that. It's not fair okay. It probably isn't yet to discount the handmaiden and madman but you're right if you include those. Then how is she? Not One of the performance of the Dick and Jane campion's crime series top of the lake. Yeah so so you know those three works alone in her work in them specifically I mean madman. I made the argument. She's as crucial to that series. Almost as crucial. Let's say Don Draper. She was the lead in in Top of the lake in the lead the handmaid's tale but I look back at the big screen to and The one I love I think great in. I know you love the film more than Me Adam but the collaboration with Alex. Ross Perry's Ben. My favorite thing about those including are probably hurt toured force performance of the last. Ten years is in her smile. I think just from last year and then yeah squeezing in that great supporting part in US last year as well getting to show her comic chops I had to keep her on this list but when I started comparing her to the filmography we're going to get to higher up. Yeah I couldn't put up there at the very top. Yes same process with me. Though she slipped a little further I did begin by ranking top ten actresses top ten actors then figured out how to merge them and go made the cut. I Have Elizabeth Moss in my six through ten actresses but did not make my top ten overall. My number ten is an actress. And this is one where you could accuse me Josh of maybe looking ahead a little too much but I think the foundation of great work in this decade is also there. She is the only other one that woman I'm about to mention. She's the only other one with driver who feels to me like locks. We could already pencil them in for when we're doing this list in ten years okay. We're GONNA look back on the twenty twenties and go. Of course. This was the decade of Adam driver and of Sir Sha Ronin the three great performances come in Brooklyn in Lady Bird and of course last year in Greta. Gerwig 's little women and there's two great films there for me all time great films frankly in Lady Bird and little women. I'm less high on Brooklyn though I like Brooklyn quite a bit and I really do think. It's a wonderful performance from her. She also appears of course in Wes. Anderson's Grand Budapest hotel and I really liked her in Joe. Wright's Hannah for me. Ronin is the insistent innocent. There is some naievety about her. As you look at those performances Brooklyn ladybird little women but really just a lack of experience. There's the census. She still has a lot to learn about herself and about the world and relationships. She's going to make mistakes. She's GonNa make a fool of herself but that's because she's always going to put herself on the line there is a determination and there's a voracious nece to Ronin characters that I find really appealing. I was looking back at my notes from our review of Lady Bird and I mentioned the way she just kind of burns with this intensity and this focus. It's almost like she's from another planet in the way she talks and the way she studying the people she's engaging with there is this provocation that is inherent to the lady bird character where she's just so eager to expand her knowledge her base of knowledge. It seems like that's what she's after in every encounter in life and maybe more than anything. Josh the reason why I wanted to make sure I fit. Ronin on this list is I just want to continue to put out into the universe. This idea that I did see floating around social media after a recent Hollywood reporter with Ronin and Greta Gerwig where they talk about future collaborations with each other. And there's a great question by the interviewer posed to Gerwig about working with Ronan and differences in working with her now versus lady bird and I thought Gerg's answer was really instructive. She says it's the benefit of working with someone you've worked with before. I felt like in some ways I had conceived lady bird before I knew she was playing it and I'd written drafts of little women before I knew she was playing it but I don't know any other way to say it. Except she was an author of Lady Bird but even more so she was an author of little women. I felt like she knew exactly what we were making the whole time as a filmmaker as much as an actor she really became a second director for me. It was like an extension of every thought. I had she'd walk out in another step. I think honestly the closest I've had to it is writing. With Noah Noah Baumbach who is her partner. But that's fitting of. Gerwig I think in her personality that she so generous in giving Ronin all that credit as an artistic collaborator but I think it speaks to the intelligence and again that voracious nece that comes through in her character's it's probably embedded within ronin herself. That made her such a good collaborator with Gerwig. And the key line from this is Gerwig saying I'm interested to see what movie we make when searches in her fifties. And I'm in my sixties. WoN'T THAT BE INTERESTING? And I'm thinking that's great but I want to see the movie that you make together when searches in her thirties when searches in her forties. I can't wait until the fifties I would be perfectly content of those to just continue to make movies together until the end of time. So Sir Sharon did just sneak onto my list ten. Hey I like your band with Jona rubies. Len Fans knew awesome.

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