Global stock markets plunge on coronavirus fears


Increasing worries about how the corona virus might affect the global economy meant a rough day for stocks sell was the word of the day yesterday as the Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than a thousand points the biggest point decline in more than two years investors fled to safe havens like gold which climbed for the eighth session in a row it is now reached a seven year high JJ Kinahan is chief market strategist with TD Ameritrade the market doesn't react well the unknowns the fact that we saw the corona virus spreading to parts of Europe now you have governments shutting down public buildings at cetera shares of travel health insurers and high flying technology stocks were among the hardest hit American Airlines dropped eight point five percent UnitedHealth group was off seven point eight percent and Facebook tumbled four point five percent the corona viruses hurt Chinese manufacturing exports and consumption this year include doing economic growth around the planet as factories worldwide depend on supply chain tied to China

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