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Was an eight week project where you went from discovery all the way to a live action and I know there was a lot of research involved as well as great collaboration and love to start with you Laura. Can you tell us why you came to Diana and her team? What was the problem that you were trying to solve? So everything is started. We Oklahoma we have we saw talk about the importance of north technology. That is happening a gross old along with before an old. Is this actually going to try IT We're told that a company. We need to be eating up the the market. And when I it's okay honey. No so that's why we tied aid remind to do something with boys. How come you like basically make school combined most ignored we still being heating issue? And that's why we rely so they were no boy. The pro blend that could be easily so by customer without the need Huntingdon near so. That's why would go okay. How did he great Anakin Lula assists done? That had got the message. Hold them. We'll come on each is without the need for funding Guinea Benito coining on waiting for like x number of minutes. Dessie joining any air to arrive on that. Why we tell okay we need. I could partner to the That's why we go talk to me. And probably Sapien The Anna on the web every collaborative from them I mean at one. They were very adine. Beverly I'm have been like a schoolgirl. Amazing mom point of view. Yeah and Diana as you had said it took you eight weeks. I would love for us to kind of go through this entire process for people to understand how it works and I know it started a lot with the research you did and then kind of creating a strategy. So can you take us from kind of week one through week AIDS? What you all did yes. Sure Solo Project Larson. It was a little bit crazy. You know going from absolutely nothing all the way to live action show when we started. We kicked off the project with a big team We had Actually developed her. Ania copyrights there with Toby and Stamler people from British styled as well and it was committed people in Google for the first brain We kind of got altogether all got to know each other. We have one of the boiler engineers we make sure but we were Working kind of in the right direction and solving the right problem. So basically the way we worked throughout The whole project was guided by Beta We had a program where they had engineers from the other side of the phone. Healthy people so Problem supporters so basic problems like turning the polar on enough again That people can do comedy easy and wait for an engineer to my Dean. You wake up one day seven in the morning and your house is freezing. Realize there's no hidden there is no hot water. It's just awful. If you have something upon that will help you saw the property or life will be so much better than waiting for today's needs to come so that was kinda premise of the work. We took theft role DOTS programme that they have on the phone We can finalize which word problems people were Hobby Morrison. We took those problems and we prayed it. Basic journeys based on flows from technical blows so we prayed as basic. You start tearing me healthy kind of do they stop with avoiders. We talked to the engineer. Health does kind of refined those journeys make sure everything was saying We started working on it like straight away. We knew how important would be to the research. All the time with this Especially with boys. You know it's even more important than ever to proper besides the users so we started thinking very early in the journey we create a prototype. We started testing has said really I think it was six rounds of testing three official once and three unofficial lunch and we always tested every test before we went out like always is supposed to be on week. Three we British cows employees and probably safe and employees We tested the prototype and Berman on. It came mutter of Ethan racing on that for specified so basically they corps the work they happy with the first three weeks and after that we focus on. May Era Handley Unhappy Batch. Everything we could to make the experience right. We passed it again. We you search with the recruitment of boys devices for user on. We tested this time. The second time tested we feed it with the actual developed option so our affair fashioning remark teachers were really really hard and they had a an action but were four weeks five more or less with the with real users and again by Liebau Yael User fessing unbelievable information we eat race it on the copy on the dialogue and everything that we were getting out from the users and then for the final ash around week seven we visited the exclusive really cool experience when to their boy nurse. Martha cut me a sport who they boiler academy on. We fish that we real volume so actually people were fixing boiler Scorpio. This time. He was in with paper. Going there at the beginning actually managed to fix them. That was really exciting. And the last week we just focus on tithing up again improving based on the research on. Yeah we win. Lie On the very last day of those leaks but relies on the lie. They actually live at the moment as well. I love that so you I mean you're really emphasizing the research and the data in the beginning and I like the you're testing throughout the week so correct you are wrong. It sounds like you're kind of doing a little bit and then testing doing a little bit then testing rather than creating this entire thing and testing it at the end. Would that be correct? Exactly yeah so we first they hoppy bus and we put them in a prototype and that was the first base. We changed things on with us that again. So to squeeze shakes research sessions in a big house the apiece every other week that we were best thing I know.

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