11 Trivia Questions on Rick and Morty Episodes


All right guys. Here we go. This one's called Rick and morty episode title references. So I'm going to give you the name of a brick and mortar episode and you me what that is referencing in some way. Sometimes it's a play on words or a parody of title so have fun with this one. Here's number one lawnmower. Dog Number One. Rick and morty episodes number one what is that referencing lawnmower dog number two is Anatomy Park Anatomy Park Number? Three raising gas rope. Zap number three raising gastropod number. Four morty night run number. Four morty night run number five. Total Rick all number five Total Rick. All number six. The rix must be crazy number six. The risks must be crazy number. Seven big trouble in Little Sanchez number. Seven big trouble in Little Sanchez. Number Eight Look. Who's purging now? Number eight lose pershing now number nine. The wedding squanders. The wedding squanders number ten Rick Manson the Stone Rick Manning the stone and the bonus question for two points there's an episode called the ABC's of blank fill in the blank. There's an episode called the ABC's of blank. Those are all your questions for Rick and more. The episode title references will be right back in just a second with the Zany answers are guys rick. And morty episodes number one. Let's see how you did. Number one was lawnmower dog which was a reference to the crazy nineties. Movie Belong Mower Man. Lawnmower man number one number two anatomy park was of course a reference to Jurassic Park welcome to Jurassic Park number. Three raising GAZ. Rob is a reference to raising Arizona. The Coen Brothers Nicholas Cage movie about kidnapping a baby raising Arizona number four night run as a reference to the movie midnight. Run with Robert De Niro and Charles. Grodin number four midnight run number. Five total recall is very close to total. Recall the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall Number Six. The rix must be crazy. Was a comedy kind of documentary style. Film called the Gods must be crazy number six. The gods must be crazy number. Seven big trouble in Little Sanchez was a play on big trouble in little China. Big trouble in little China number eight look who's purging now could be looked at as reference to the purge but more likely with that title. Look who's talking now number eight. Look who's talking now number nine. The wedding squad plays off of the wedding. Crashers the Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson movie number. Nine wedding crashers number ten Rick Manning. The stone is the Michael. Douglas Movie Romancing the stone about a romance author going on and adventure number ten romancing the stone and for two points. The Rick and Morty bonus question for two points there's an episode called the ABC's of Bath so there's a horror sequel horror horror sequel call the ABC's of death and their play on that is the ABC's of Beth. So there you have it guys a fun quick round on Rick and morning. We've got four more rick. And morty rounds to come in the near future so if you want some more rick and morty action make sure you subscribe to the show to never miss a new episode. We have a question of the day for you and that question of the day is hosted the first ever. Snl Live at home during the covert Nineteen Crisis of two thousand twenty. Tweet me your answer at Ryan. Buds or email Ryan buds a g mail DOT COM with that hosts name to be eligible for prize. Yesterday's questioned that answer was the new radicals for the people. Who had the song you get what you give and attributing name of today's Third World Country Grammar Third World country and country grammar from Nelly Nelly band-aid was that all about thanks. So much for listening guys. Thanks for telling a friend of. We'll see you tomorrow for more. Trivia with me cheers

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