Halle Berry wears nothing except a pillow as she nails viral social media trend


Next example of celebrity losing their mind on social media is Halle Berry. She's doing the pillow challenge. You know the pillow challenge. It's like one of these social media trends right now where people take a pillow and then they sit at the waist with a belt and they like where it they wear a pillow. Oftentimes they're naked rhyme the pillow. It's like you know you never know what's going to crop up. You never know what the next trend is going to be. But this is the trend of the moment. Where all at home? So we have time to take a pillow and since it with a belt. Halle Berry took to the Graham and posted a picture of herself doing the pillow challenge in her gorgeous Louis. Green lush pottery filled backyard She posted a caption saying quote. You already know you couldn't keep me from the HASHTAG pillow challenge crying laughing face emoji. End

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