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I've had for years box. Dvd set that celebrates the Chicago Bulls six championships in the nineteen nineties. The title is NBA Dynasty Series Chicago Bulls Real quick takeaways couple takeaways Scottie. Pippen totally underrated. I I mean. I know he's considered a legend and one of the top fifty basketball players all time. But but he's even better than that as far as the goat discussion. Greatest of all time between Jordan and Lebron James. All right I conceded. I think it was a year or so ago that Lebron has probably taken that title. I'm more than willing to be argued that I'm more than willing to be argued wrong as a Chicagoan but one thing is for sure after going through some of these. Dvd's Jordan is so much more fun to watch. I mean he just. He spent so much time doing beautiful things. High up in the air way above Lebron's had would have been so That's just a blast to watch now. You can't this is kind of a sneaky. Pick you can't stream this. Dvd set so. I'll take this occasion as an excuse to mentioned that. Espn's ten part Michael Jordan Doc. The last eight they move that up it was gonNA come out on June nineteenth. Yup the release date is April nineteenth. So obviously I can't wait for that listeners. I can maybe loan you my bulls box set because it isn't streaming but otherwise just look for the last dance this weekend on ESPN. I will be watching it. Yeah I have not seen the set that you are watching but I cannot wait for Sunday night. When the ten part doc starts it's been this mythical thing that's been rumored to be in production or potentially production for some time new house coming out and ESPN wisely bumping that up. I think it's something that a lot of people just like us are going to be watching my number three these fall under the category of blind spots and in this case there is a specific hook to Josh. Though it wasn't by design all explain it's my unofficial slash official. Bruce SURTEES MARATHON. So one day. I realize I'm kind of running out of options in terms of things that are really hooking me on net flicks and I know that there are some things I should get to real cinematic blind spots that have been mentioned on the show over the years that I feel regret about but they just seem heavy. I'm not ready for it yet. I need stuff. That's under two hours. I can knock it out and I needed to be reasonably entertaining but I do still WanNa feel like I'm getting some homework done. I do still want to feel like I've crossed something off my list that I felt for some time that I needed to get to so I went over to Amazon prime. And one of the things that popped up happen to be dirty Harry the first dirty Harry movie with Clint. Eastwood Don Siegel directed and right away. I realized how stylishly shot it was and so after I watched it I looked up who the DP was and I see that. It's Bruce Surtees. I think yeah I know that name. I can't really tell you what else he's done. I don't know much about his history's legacy at all but that is a name I have heard and oh I'll just file that away okay. So what's next? Couple of days later I go back to prime one of the film's POPs up. Lennie the Bob. Fosse directed film about Lenny. Bruce and that really is one for me. I've always been ashamed because I adore. Is You know all that jazz. Fosse's film I like cabaret quite a bit as well and in the TV series Fossey Verdon some of the making of Lenny POPs up in that TV series it. Of course POPs up in all that jazz as well. A lot of cutting to scenes of the fosse alter Ego Joe Gideon cutting the movie. That would become lenny so it was kind of just been a joke for me that I've never watched this film. I decide I'm going to sit. And Watch Lenny and. I'm watching the credits. And whose name POPs up is responsible for the Black and white cinematography. It's Bruce Thirty so then decide okay. Well this is just too convenient too much of a coincidence. We're going to make this happen and I'll give you just a little bit of background on him. Is He a name? That's familiar to you at all Josh. Young familiar with the name. I don't think I would have been able to identify any of his movies though right so he got his start as a camera. Operator working with Don Siegel and especially on Siegel and Clint Eastwood Films in the late. Nineteen sixty so movies like two mules for sister Sarah and Cubans Bluff and then his first role as a cinematographer. As the director of photography was Nineteen. Seventy-one it was the beguiled so that Seagal Directing Eastwood and then play misty for me followed that where he was working with eastward again but this time Eastwood as director that was his debut he died in twenty twelve and if you look at his. Imdb the early two thousands in the nineties were not good to surtees out of maybe twenty. Titles there's not one that really stands out as essential viewing and even at the end of the eighties. The decade closed for surtees with rat boy back to the beach and licensed to drive in the eighties for him was otherwise filled with a lot of eastwood's stuff prior to that so movies like Fire Fox and tight rope and sudden impact even honky. Tonk man his heyday really was the nineteen seventies which brought me to night moves. This is an Arthur Penn. Early Bleak Neo Noir starring Gene Hackman as a former football player turned disillusioned private. I would other type of private. I is there in the seventies and it's all set within the movie business so it's reflexive to in the mode of Altman's the long goodbye and then the one I most recently watched was another Eastwood blindspot. Which is Pale writer?

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