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Welcome to science friction on the Tash Mitchell and this is science interrupted and possibly radio interrupted because I have a puppy snoring very audibly and loudly at my fate right now working from home folks. It's tremendously difficult to think of not of not finishing the work. It's tremendously difficult booking with. Todd's is always a race against time as your money formation but the majority of the information are actually Mike. God really this pandemic has swift in Lancaster. Nami hasn't gotten caught us. All by complete surprise wherein collective state of shock really and for many scientists so much at stake use of experiments field work results. Clinical trials patients students the lives of lab animals the consequences for so many Deeply personal and in some cases could affect the lives of thousands of others and other species too so today on the show. Three scientists with three. Clemson's how are you? How are you going? Yeah yeah good bevy. What's been over and I met this morning by spin. Had this zone call with a bunch of other people from Perth and she was basically lap. Hold us on. He's a roller coaster. Look to Paula. Magni won fame lab Australia competition last year. And she's a senior lecturer in forensic science at Murdoch University in Perth at my husband across line pharmacist in Perth so possibly meeting people affected by Kobe. Nine hundred every single day but right now Paul easing Singapore where she also works as deputy dean of Murdoch University's campus there. Her baby daughter with her and Shayna husband don't know when they'll be able to be reunited. He was going to be concerned. Who are going to be concerned as well but this is probably the best option for the moment. We hope that these are going to be only for a while but for the moment it is what it is and not say his daughter for very many many months. Yeah so they can see each other only by by video call. That is a huge gift. Imagine these happening ten years ago or more could be better than years ago but the situation is changing. So much isn't it? It's still very unclear what's going to happen with international flights around the world. Yeah absolutely impossible to make any predictions at the moment. Also because Australia is getting way better especially Western Australia. Because he's very much aware from every everybody else. Singapore is experiencing a second important peak of cases compared to other countries. We are leaving this situation pretty pretty well. Syncopal learned a lot from this SARS situation and we didn't have many cases at all until a few weeks ago when they borders. Were going to be closed. Many people from all over the world wanted to come back to Singapore and they came back or seek your Italian and the saints. Coming out of Italy of Bain very very distressing during this pandemic rot from early on. What does that make food for you and your family in Italy? I speak with them every day and I make sure that they have everything they need. I've managed to the to do online shopping for them from Singapore to have them home. My grandmother she turned ninety seven last week. And the she's safe and sound in a healthcare facility but this is the first time in live in which he doesn't see my mom my Auntie for more than two days in a row and they edge facilities at being locked down so yeah. It's an interesting learning curve for for the family and there's also a big exercise Of Trust for the words day in the facilities Singapore has now gone into a lockdown and polar and colleagues having to move really fast to put their university courses online. She's also supporting students around the world with their projects now influx and Maija grant application processes of import on pause to then this Horon Research. You'll work as a forensic scientist into an expert on many crime scene investigations in Italy. You're now doing forensic science research here in Australia. And you shared this curious photo with me of what you describe as your babies back in the land in Perth in Western Australia. And it had me totally intrigued. What is it a fraud all? So my baby's baby Bob Nichols not people say barnacles as babies about Research I USED NICHOLS FOR CLEVELAND. Investigation when aboard US found in a in aquatic environments in the Ocean. So because bunny goes at annoying. They attach on anything that he's flogging. It is underwater and they stuck on that we can identify what they Ya. So where is the body confront? From how long the bodies in water and also the journey the talk the body from the primary campsie what was dumped in the ocean to the place where the body was found so they can be very interesting but it is not that to do this kind of research. We need to have colonies of Barnacles in in the lab so we keep having them in in Aquaria but the they eat small because Kobe algae so we had to grow the algae as well. You can now go to the supermarket and Buy Balaji and beside that. I work input on seeking to. Malaysia is whether it is the study of insects and we have colonies of flos is in as well is very difficult to keep up with them with the colonies at the moment when a when they laboratories have been shot because often of the issue that is going on. It's incredible work so you've got. These baby barnacles back in the lab in Perth. And will they die because the I guess? Barnacles barnacles one concern but there are labs all over the world with experimental animals of all shapes sizes and varieties and species from Retz to mice and onwards barnacles to that possibly going to be compromised or cold. Because of this global shutdown. I will say maybe the research would be compromised. The life of the of the animal is probably not because all the university have the ethical necessity of looking after all the animals that they have so all. The university have in place measures to look after all the animals in the different labs. I was a bit dramatic because I miss my babies. I guess when I think about my Banoco sometimes you feel like what he's the. Utd All my job in the big scheme in the big picture of things really for researchers. Like me probe's is a big wakeup call about the the importance of your search but at the same time that the world is big and many other things are important on a different scale. So I remember the first had with Bundy cars and the head. The mother of this guy that was found on the shore there was crying on this loss and I was the only personal gather information that could give a piece bring justice to this family bring closure to the victim so these another victim. He's not a cove in nineteen victim but my research he's

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