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Trump administration's 'Operation Warp Speed' looking at 14 potential COVID-19 vaccines to fast-track



As cities and states. Open back up. President trump is doubling down on quickly. Finding a cure for corona virus. Kelly O'Donnell has the latest details on his aggressive new plan for a self-described wartime president. Victory over Kobe. Nineteen equals of vaccine. I hope we're GonNa have a vaccine and we're going to fasttrack like you've never seen before. Adding trump style branding. The administration launched Operation Warp speed a multibillion dollar research manufacturing effort to shorten the typical year plus vaccine development timeline. The goal is ambitious producing patient. Ready Vaccines as early as January. Though officials stressed there is no guarantee. We WANNA go quickly. But we want to make sure it's safe and it's effective. I think that is doable. Officials tell NBC News. The project whittled-down. Ninety three potential vaccines for more than eighty pharmaceutical companies. Next fourteen drugs considered most promising will undergo more testing narrowed again for clinical trials. This month officials say the war could result in three or four vaccines for wide use. I've never seen in my career. A group of scientists so single mindedly focused twenty single problem. Scientists say the pressure to succeed is urgent but caution is required. This product needs to be tested in a proper placebo controlled trial and try to take shortcuts against common scientific processes. We could wind up paying. The press asked who is in charge of this government and private sector mission. The president mentioned his medical advisers. But I think probably more than anything George and I'm the one that gets blamed anyway.

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