Italy begins to emerge from world's longest nationwide lockdown


Italy is easing its coronavirus restrictions nearly two months after it became the first country in the world to impose and national knocked down but the prime minister Giuseppe Kansei has said the country is still in the midst of the pandemic and urge the public to act responsibly millions of people are expected to attend to construction sites and factories vehicles a pele is a member of parliament for the Democratic Party which is part of the ruling coalition a quarter more or less of Italian workers are going back to their offices and firms which were previously closed AT the big test for our transportation system a big test for the security of our places of work and it is a big test for individual responsibility of each one of us many other European countries are also taking steps towards lifting their lockdowns they include Portugal Spain Croatia and Greece with some small shops and headdresses can start work again today some schools will reopen in Germany and Austria while in Hungary Serbia and Slovenia cafes and restaurants will begin operating with some restrictions

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