Detainees in US immigration jails living in fear as coronavirus spreads


I wanted to get this show out today because I just got off the phone with Lorena Qudos out of Mississippi who is an immigrant rights activists. We recently published some news coming out of Louisiana Private Immigration Detention Center that Laurynas Organization called attention to and I wanted to connect with her the Afon to check in on what is happening in Mississippi and Louisiana during the nineteen crisis. If you're in the thick fan Lorena was on the show with us live from Mississippi in February and so I just gave her a ring. And here's what we talked about. Hey thank you so much for being unlucky. No rebels radio with me. Thank you for having me so I wanted to reach out to you. Know we just connected like even like less than a month ago. Right in the thick in Jackson so Spin on you've quickly Yeah but in the middle of all this before we talk a little bit about the work that you're doing Right now how is Mississippi? In general How the mood out there during the during the global pandemic well right now with. What's your feeling is a lot of concern We're in Jackson Mississippi And It we are excited that the mayor's taking action to but the rest of Mississippi is pretty much running Normal especially the Gulf coast with many restaurants open and Being so close to the water we hearing exploding daily so concerned Yeah and our the our immigrant communities that you you serve in In Mississippi how are they? Are they getting the information or they? How's that going? Yeah so he feels some sort of infrastructure we have communications and have the comedian's going strong and has been able to really provide information. I've seen as as we were able to to to define what was going on. So we're trying to interpret translate whatever we get from the CDC. Try to clear each easier to understand. And when I don't share that social media we've created looks Different message services over the phone that we're trying we do here sometimes. People don't realize if I it's as the gravity of the situation But we're trying and right now we're working on developing sound videos in shoe and Imam That have more than interfaces so that people can pay attention to what's going on but there is a lot of concern because they've already depleted and resources so our families could not stuck up right. They have anything to with. No they're just GONNA. I'm very very small amount of resources. And we're trying to create a different fun to be able to Helping your also focusing on the other side of this crisis. That is to be honest with you. It's not getting as much attention. And then it has to do with immigrants attention centers particularly in Louisiana. Where it's now great safe to say that we've unit GONNA be another you know not if it's not already so can you tell me a little bit of the context of what happened this this week. in why we're talking right now Yeah so we so we Have a call to action to them. All the united other Southern organizations and Louisiana particularly working with immigrant community Lisa out oppression me the mandate that I Free are people that were in detention and also United with the movement here in just fifty two free Folks in the jails so we sent out a press release. We both reached out to congressman. Benny Thompson who was the chant. Home Security Committee or asking him to publicly. Ask for these folks so he has agreed to a conversation with us. So that's tending for Lundy Terrible. There's particular one that we share the recording of s Beliefs on one of the male detainees in Louisiana upper corner. You Cleveland Apple Towel again. Even through the veto if you take it again going on though while the woman kindly wannabe panel this. You need big game on to winter. They won't believe me. That's about all the topic on way down the alley in downtown Seattle media buying them. I don't you come home. And then not only Audi that a major Yom Lucchino. Thanks for the help. My Album Light Reno Navy to gay big data can only get thirty dollars. A good idea to pay quitting loosely. Kamal can lead equiment even only monkey and won't get get older woman. I go see them on Sola. It'll be Audi dark. You think the last thing they will get into the Marine. Go get him waking. You only think that believe. Showman Noah Anthony Quainton. What you're saying what keying into. Saint Blind Mehta. Can you hear a little bit more about what you're hearing from these From these individuals who are are incarcerated right now and immigrant detention centers and just want the private facility. Correct from what I can share more about what you're hearing the stories Because I know it was so powerful to hear There's a humanity going on here and then and back to me is just be missed in this crisis And so I have visited essential myself when you first come in. And you know it's a brand new looking space but when you And of course we accept patients We certainly Here from Folks that are in detention center is how horrible. The conditions are The fact that they are already mistreated by the officers. But very unsanitary conditions They don't have soap They have to beg for Wendy. Do out of Asia You know the soap shampoo They actually have organized a time for them to clean themselves and they are not because tendency there. Several people that actually have Chronic lung problems and Heart problems and they are terrified. You know because you have people that are coming in from outside constantly and then they'll also transferred people from other detention centres. Dan You know the movement in and out and it's about to happen and time bomb right now and that's that's what people are worried. They're terrified now. We have a hunger strike. Because they're they feel desperate feeling. This is the only way that able get some

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