FBI, SEC looking at lawmakers' stock trades after coronavirus briefings: report


The justice department is reviewing those stock trades made by some lawmakers after corona virus briefings Dianne Feinstein Burr and I think Kelly Loeffler also are being being investigated where are we with that what do we know well according to published reports that the FBI has started asking questions about senator Burr's trades which were made after a confidential briefing although not a classified briefing and certain members of the product about the virus itself and of course there was a senator Feinstein's husband he gauged in expensive trade she personally did not that that that's almost irrelevant in the story my guess is nothing will happen for many of this yeah even though Congress passed the law back in two thousand twelve making it specifically in legal for members of the Senate and house decreed on confidential material non public information it doesn't appear that these meetings are going to meet that standard it could be classified briefing need being that would indicate that aside the politics of this are pretty ugly it's pretty obvious that bird did in fact trade on not non public information and I think it was material I think Burke who is not running for re election widely in North Carolina who has been analysis of the president and has allowed mark wanted to run the Senate intelligence committee hi Burgess figure he's on his way out so why not make a few Bucks pretty disgusting behavior but I don't think the justice department will ever pull the trigger although if they were going to they certainly picked on the public interest yeah now and and can you spell that this sort of colors in the lines over what we've seen the last few years you mention with the Senate intelligence committee thank you know Republicans are in charge is there but we just haven't seen a lot of traction from that Intel committee to get at the root of the problems in our government and now you're looking at a guy who just betrayed his oath of office in order to enrich himself well I think the present really a classic example of the never Trumper with power in the Republican contact he's he's practically a democratic civil servant of the weighted resistance as function is trump took the presidency of Birkhead heated front from the beginning he has obstructed getting to the truth about the Russian hoax although there was getting in plain sight you never heard him say anything supporters about the president during that entire three year pokes Burke is not well white in the White House as you might imagine he he is well liked by his fellow senators interestingly enough but that's the nature of the club pretty pathetic guy and he will not be missed by those of us who care deeply about the country and then exit aria which was singing this tune on stock trading is pretty disgusting and it's shameful actually but I don't think anything criminally legal will come from it yeah sad Joe the justice department is now saying that anyone caught intentionally spreading the corona virus could face terrorism charges is this something that they can make stick are they probably could I think there's enough public anger at anybody taking advantage of this situation you see new cases where somebody spits on lotus road beds doubles in a in a a grocery store or supermarket ending you know that often produce has to be destroyed and then the person is arrested this could be considered a terrorist act under not only federal law but under most states now have anti terrorism statute because it's designed to do harm in a political situation etcetera etcetera if it yeah I doubt if there will be any of the cases brought because again talk about limited resources and what we have to do but if anyone knowingly we're spread the virus Bob well somebody worked in a hospital it took advantage of access the bios or anything like that I have no doubt that would be a prosecution individuals doing something like this you know we'll see how I've got the prosecutors are I would do it if I regret it but you know I'm not there

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