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So Daphne I'm going to ask you a question that was geared towards you but a lot of people are wondering Do you give your kids formula. And if so what do you like? Oh I do. I do a transition to formula when my kids are off breast milk and I will be honest with you. I've done a bit of research on this because I think that you know it's it's always sort of like finding the right balance of what What you care about and what you can the the reality is I think. They're all pretty much on par. But the one that I go for is something called hall. It's H. O. L. E. and I get it. I get it shipped to me. I get it in bulk. It's it's I think from Germany definitely from the EU. And it's. It's just a brand that I think you know. They they talk about like they're happy. Cows goat milk once or they're happy goats grazing in the hills of Switzerland. And all that they just seem like very happy animals But they they go to great lengths to make sure that sugar and corn syrup are not the first ingredients and in some cases not present at all they They really hold to the utmost standards of of natural end and wholesome foods in in the formula and then what I also do is. I'll supplement with a baby. Dha so a lot of times and maybe more details than people want. You should definitely do your own research. This is what has worked for my family and And you know there are tons of different considerations to take into account but I do add baby. Dha that is It's called baby. Dha think it's Nordic naturals and it is great for baby brain development and development. Has Those healthy? Fats are present in breastmilk. That you definitely want to make sure your baby's getting plenty of While you know while there's still in that that first year of life and beyond all my kids take Dha actually How long do you give them formulas it until they're a yard? You people do two years. I don't do too yours. I'll tell you why I look for an amazing insurance policy if you WANNA continue on past a year because look a lot of kids. Don't eat well or don't eat enough and it's a it's really nice to know. They're getting all the nutrition that theoretically need from this. You know from this drink but My kids are all been knock wood pretty good eaters and are all really interested in food really early on like Geez. Not even six months and she's about to six months and she's already like trying to grab everything that's in front of her siblings plates and And they you know they're really eager and interested in in foods and my hope is I don't even actually like I know a lot of people. Once they finish formula they go on to some kind of either dairy milk or dairy milk alternative to put in their babies bottles into enter into sippy cups. Just to continue Sort of like the liquid nutrition as well and I. I really haven't even ever done that. I'll tell you I it's weird. How like different pieces of mother had advised stick with you? Someone very early on I think on his pregnant with Elena told me the one piece advised that she'd gotten was to take your babies off of bottles at a year Because it just like it will. It will make the more the more accustomed they get to needing a bottle to go to sleep. And there's all this like you know tons of dentists and pediatricians will tell you it's like bad for us to fall asleep with milk in their mouth and they they could choke or it's bad for their teeth almost all kinds of stuff but for Mir infections actions. But it's also just like you don't want your baby to form habits. That are then much more difficult and dramatic to have to break with them like getting a bottle before bed is if that's their habit after eighteen months twenty months twenty four months. They've got real memory they can remove. It's much harder to get them to the waiter. Would you please so I my babies are are pretty much done with bottles except for John who like how do transition them to transition it. Mind to the Nook the Sippy sippy cups and I just so Romeo this Adding a month ago just finished my ed. Breastmilk milk stored up I stopped breastfeeding him at a year. Because I was having a miscarriage and it just end up being too much body. But I had a ton of milk's stored up so he just finished drinking it but he was. I was doing that thing. Exactly what you're talking about where. I was giving him breast breast milk in a bottle of for a bed and he calls it. Legos itchy itchy and for the like for weeks I would give him a Sippy Cup with water and he's not literally looking at this. I started giving him eight on my kids Jerry. So I started feeding Giving him hemp milk which I like a lot and I just tons of research on what I think are good. Non Dairy milks But then I started realizing you know what I am doing that thing. I'm going to perpetuate the problem and so I'm GonNa go to water which all my kids have water bottle by their bed And he was just like what is this like. Where's my itchy? Where's my where's but no my? My kids are like me. They get thirsty in the night. So they all do have those Like little thermoses and water. But I just I again like. It's such a personal choice and I really do think that this was just one thing that someone told me that just has made my life easier as a mom to not have this one habit that I felt like would be traumatic to break with them so anyway it's worked but I but I honestly the the former conversations are really interesting one because it there is a lot of confusing information out there and when I did my deep dive what I came out with was that I thought that the holly brand ones were the were were on top for me and I and the kids have all responded really well to them and you know like this is maybe tmi but one of the ways that I gave that was like looking at how their diapers breast Mug poop looks very distinctive and the the change over to To formula looks exactly see so I feel like their digestive tract is processing at the same way. So that's what I use question. We had a woman Write to us at bow at baby biting. Who's ten months old And what to do about that? And sort of biting out of biting out of love And what I found but I think that we can look at it this as like a broader a broader theme of. How do you teach a young baby to be sweet and gentle now? I probably every child's that ever was had some sort of aggressive streak at some point because we are animals and that is just a something or play based as play based but then eventually throw something. And you're going to do something you're talking like I am. I angry in the moment. And I'm going to express that in the most violent way But what I found really well I. I've found works really well is Like for example. Romeo has has started. You know his whole hitting face earlier than my other ones because guess what he has gotten like pounded by his older siblings from time to time. Maybe it's out of love but he's just like I'm angry and I'm going to hit you because that has happened to me but what I find is the more that I'm like. No we don't do that. He's going to open his eyes wide. Look and then he's GonNa hit me again because we're hardwired to get attention exactly but if you go up to him and you say no Schwab Air Soft soft and you like you wrap his like little belly and his arms and then you have him do it as well little by little they start to go to that so basically like modeling good behavior preventing them from practicing the bad behavior as much as you can and don't be hard on yourself because they probably will do it because we all did it and everybody who came before us. I'll do it But the more that you can model sweet behavior the better And prevent them from not practicing the bad behavior. I find that that works pretty well as your kid gets older something. I've been doing With my kids is having them teach each other. I'll be a good teacher and teach them not to hit by using your words and I find that it does take a while but little by little you know the first time. They're going to raise their hand and they're gonNA hit their sibling the second time. They're not the second time but like after a while they're going to raise their hand and they're gonNa like sort of think about it has it. Then they're gonNa hit the their sibling and then little by little. They start to raise their hands. They think about it and then they dropped their hand and they're capable of using the words but the more that you can teach your child to use their words. They can use that as their tool rather than their body. The I love on an earlier. Pike as you talked about. How with Leo you you talk to him about teaching Romeo how to be nice teaching him how to be kind and then it actually was as much a learning lesson for for your three year. Old Is it was for your baby and you saw him really internalizing the lesson. Even more so as he was tasked with teaching it to his younger siblings has they like Little Kids. They love to have jobs and do and so it's like your free rein should teach them how to do this because he's a baby on Europe big boy and you get out. That's what I see with my kids do they. They definitely the more that they feel that. Distinction between big kids do acts and little kids have to learn how to do acts they definitely WanNa fall on the side of Bacon and then when they mess up just be

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