How coronavirus could affect the six states slated to hold Democratic elections Tuesday


Big one so last week we had super Tuesday and today as I guess on a super dose day whatever you wanna call it the media can never seem to consolidate around a name for this darn thing every single election cycle the next Tuesday with all the elections nobody knows what the deal is super Tuesday two point oh many super Tuesday okay you know what figure out the style guide and get back to me but as of today we do have a an election in a bunch of states primaries Idaho Michigan Mississippi Missouri North Dakota and Washington this is a big one and there's a number of the states that Bernie Sanders is hoping he can pick off as this race comes down to just him and Daffy old Joe Biden and they've they've got to fight for three hundred and fifty two delegates today on their way they're both either both of them are hoping to cross that that threshold of I believe nineteen ninety one one thousand nine hundred and ninety one delegates necessary to win the democratic nomination and by can perform really well last week and it looks like he's on track to perform well again today because Michigan where Bernie Sanders is spending all of his time right now who is polling so heavily in favor of Joe Biden that it would not be a complete shock if at the end of the you know the next forty eight hours Bernie Sanders is announcing his support for Joe because at this moment Biden is leading fifty one to twenty seven percent according to one survey just out an epic and epic MRA poll and then in another city survey Monmouth university he's leading fifty one to thirty six this is not a close contest in Michigan at least based on the survey numbers and in two thousand sixteen which is the number which is the place a lot of people reflect back on Bernie didn't beat Hillary by a very narrow margin and this surveys did show Hillary with a sizeable lead over Bernie going in to the Michigan vote that's true here is the issue though pollsters were sampling the wrong crowd during that election and in fact had undercounted the extent to which the young people would be involved in the vote polls and estimated that voters under thirty we're only going to make up about ten percent of the vote in Michigan back then in twenty sixteen but what really happened they showed up they were twenty percent of the vote and they gave their support to Sanders posters are ready for that phenomenon if it happens again this time and as they look at that the same dude Joe Biden is destroying you in a place where you think you can win blue collar support Michigan will be everyone I've heard this several times is that Sanders has a ceiling there is has a ceiling because his base is the young vote millennials and the socialist group of millennials now not all millennials are socialists not all millennials have been raised to believe that socialism is the the panacea to all of their their horrible terrible problems in the world have the majority of the memories that way it looks like that but it's not all of them so he has a ceiling is to have the number of people to whom a socialism is palatable and so you can only go so high I think you know I I I I've been thinking lately that there's also a coronavirus relationship in terms of how he's doing really yeah because so here's let me let me just play it out for you okay so as like as the public is become more and more aware of cry virus which of course it has G. I don't need to take a survey I guess check any store thank you walk into my supermarket be like oh people are thinking about coronavirus there is no hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol available yeah people are stressed on their thinking about this modern America has been characterized by a jacket in view of what our problems are right oftentimes we're talking about like how look at the the micro aggressions that are going on over here or that's your being transphobic if you have two bathrooms and one of them's label mail one of them's labeled female like the nonsense arguments we constantly get sucked into and Bernie Sanders is in some ways a part of that conversation I get this this decadent conversation about what certain problems or nerve centers has his finger on the pulse of I think some real problems in the United States but also this idea that like well maybe we should try socialism now maybe that's the answer to all of our problems you don't get that kind of leash you don't have that kind of space to fork with the system if real problems are at your doorstep right I mean if I was to fly to Hong Kong right now to ask people what they think about transgender bathrooms and global warming they would smack me in the face or they would look at you completely confused because they have like real problems are trying to maintain some semblance of a democracy in their country so when Bernie Sanders is running around going you know we really need to socialism at this moment as more more Americans are like sort of fixating on okay how do we get through this like health issue to whatever extent you considered a real problem there's plenty of Americans who do I imagine that there's a healthy percentage of their god okay you know that sort of like Astor Terrick candidate the one we're kind of flirting with ever thinking about it maybe we could talk about that guy I got I think this is probably not helping Bernie Sanders this is one of those moments where you know they're turning to a guy like I just need somebody who's been in the government before I mean in that equation they may just decide okay Biden's better or Bernie Sanders is not the kind of person that they have the luxury to vote for at this moment but to play devil's advocate last night at the town hall on fox Bernie was asked about corona virus obviously and he can answer a question that was one thing I learned last night about from watching that town hall last night he takes his like Obama he takes seven minutes to answer a very simple question because he won't answer it so he goes off on all these tensions all over the place right everything comes back to trump's evil and he's going to solve all the world's problems he was talking about corona virus and he was talking about health people are quarantined for two weeks they can't pay their bills and so the government should be you know giving the people money in order to help them get through two weeks of a quarantine and through through this of which is a very socialist view of how to handle something like this and that appeals to a lot of

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