Endorsements for Joe Biden encourage primary wins in Michigan


On this day of six primaries and caucuses couple of tweets we want to share with you Bret Baier of fox news pointing out that on CNN former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has endorsed Joe Biden who is now a CNN political analyst made his endorsement on the cable news networks live primary night coverage and this is from recline and ABC news across the twelve pivot counties in Michigan Obama trump counties nine are currently backing Biden that's the same number Sanders one in twenty sixteen and this is from Tim Alberta who's now living back in Michigan of course the writer of the book the American carnage he writes for politico forget about Macomb county it's not the bellwether anymore look at Livingston wealthy well educated suburban at the heart of the great realignment in the twenty sixteen the primary seventeen thousand five hundred votes cast tonight twenty seven five hundred votes cast in the in twenty sixteen a fifty percent turnout spike in slacking county so looking at some of the key he counties in Michigan to keep an eye on that from Tim Alberta and John Harwood of C. N. N. thing turns out the biggest challenge to the democratic party from twenty sixteen to twenty twenty is that Donald Trump has been president for four

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