The Ivy League's decision to cancel the basketball tournaments was unfair to athletes


Yeah I believe straight up cancelled its men's and women's tournaments the automatic berths going to the regular season champs which is what the I really did until four years ago so that means the Yale man and the Princeton women are given the automatic berths to the NC WRAL to around the horn yeah this is an interesting decision by the I really I really feel for these other teams you know you mentioned Princeton they're started by the way is bell Allori market Valerie's daughter they only lost one right I am over time so they're all they're all set for the women but Harvard can you imagine the beef they have they beat this team twice they were hosting the tournament Tony so you can I can't even imagine as a student athlete preparing all week or for however long fourteen and then the calls come in saying yeah I never mind us seniors you're done it's over that's just heartbreaking I had to have been a better way a lot of complete people are playing without fans maybe I really should consider a good soul yeah I am happy for James Jones I've known since he was in junior high so I'm happy for you know that he's going to the tournament I'm not happy for anybody else on the women's side or the men's side because just play the tournament in an empty gym why are we going to this extreme measure and the coach of Penn bring up a great point you have across teams are going on the road wrestlers are going on the road right now for matches why would you have to cancel this stuff the gala trouble you yeah I mean the first one I want to say anybody in any this is making a terrible decision because there's no easy play book there's no easy guide to know what to do here but I will say like like Frank just and Frank and Jackie just said there's other sports going on and they're allowing those to continue now there's gonna be other conference tournaments going on the pac twelve just said they're playing in Las Vegas that's a lot bigger crowd ostensibly more dangerous health situation I would guess so it you know it's it's a tough call I don't know I don't know why they don't play it you know without fans and I think we are going to get to that point in some sports we just don't know how soon bill clashes I think it's a total panic move I mean so Yellen Princeton can play this week if they can play next week in March madness the play other teams are from the fan housing health risks the any different if we can is this week it doesn't make any sense and there's no health official in this country nobody has said that they should have athletic events now keeping the fans out that's the way to go I think that's probably probably is a pretty smart way to do it I don't think these games need fans but these games the players ready to play and there there's no significant health risk I don't know why they do it again it seems like a panic move to me it should be said on many of these universities Harvard for one and many universities across the country are now in a new online classes pretty good so you can address something else be like well what was interesting you know the bill we're talking about the pac twelve the fact that their plan why is that because we know they're gonna get a lot of fans are the same thing with the biggest tournament here Madison Square Garden the Ivy League they'll give fans but it's not the money maker that some of these bigger conferences are so I think that's probably one of the reasons why the bigger conference center we're having the tournament and maybe that's why it made it easier for the Ivy League but they should be a little more considerate to those other players like the coach talked about seniors and you're telling them today by the way your career is over after mac yeah you know the other thing too is keep in mind that the I really didn't even start a post season tournament two thousand seventeen so I think that maybe they feel like well you know we've always put academics above all the rest is here's just a total conjecture on my part you mention Harvard they've already told their students were on break you're not going to come back after a break your to do online courses so obviously Harvard that university in particular is taking a very conservative approach and they were the ones hosting cal OSHA you know plasti said something a minute ago that a week ago it is sounded just absurd these games they'll need fans and realistically it's probably the the safest way to go and I think we'll eventually get to that in some sports when you think about putting twenty thousand people on top of each other you know in a congested arena that may be the way the the easiest way to spread the virus and they may you know we do have televisions we can't watch these games from home so for a short period of time that may be the way we have to guess what's what we're seeing worldwide right and the arenas and that's what we're seeing with some conferences the Ivy League co opting to cancel there's other conferences opting for not crowded or empty arenas

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