Coronavirus toll mounts at Seattle-area nursing home


Eight in Washington DC lawmakers are keeping their focus on the corona virus today opening a house here in Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro said it's a real and growing crisis she argued that the U. S. is behind the curve on the availability and distribution of coronavirus test kits at least thirty one residents who are still living at the life care Kirkland facility which has been the epicenter for this have tested positive for the virus we get more from Cuomo's Tammy Mutasa those people who tested positive for covert nineteen are here at this facility as we speak and that's why one woman who lost her mom last week says testing is so critical it should have been happening sooner there was a way of coming with us and we didn't catch it until it was crashing on our shore here it's too late in a lot of ways as the number of people with covert nineteen keeps going up inside the life care center Pat Herrick is recounting the chaos and confusion during the last few days of our moms like in quarantine she got a call our mom passed away then another saying she was okay that's the part that is so hard for all of us is not being able to communicate not being able to get in there with her her feeling isolated in that room and not having the communication says he's relieved officials announced test results families have been waiting for she wants her mom's body tested for corona virus after her mom died after being combined with the roommate who was coughing for days the whole issue of testing was a huge one and it still is for a lot of these families all moms friends of past in this past week officials say thirty one out of thirty five test came back positive for covert nineteen one is negative they're still waiting for twenty test results the folks who tested positive we'll stay on site at the nursing facility for now one symptoms hit a level of the queue where we feel we can no longer treat them that we will transfer them to a hospital that is also concerned about the staff testing especially with this quarantine I think there are way overworked understaffed officials say employees could get that test offside but that hasn't been finalized and the people who tested negative will be moved to a smaller wings here at this facility but that's also in the process of getting set up

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