Cape Cod League cancels season but UFC will be back


The Cape Cod league has announced cancellation to twenty twenty season did over the summer X. games in Minneapolis UFC though returns may night pay per view in Florida more courts plan Dana white telling RT Brett Okamoto and this is what he added the major key takeaways from our conversation with Dana white on Friday first and foremost is that you see two forty nine is happening when he started talking to me about this event last week it was met with a lot of skepticism unless something goes drastically changes between now and may ninth this fight this sporting event is going to happen with no live audience another thing that stuck out to me is that it's not just this one is may ninth is may thirteenth to may sixteenth today no one wants to put on three events in a span of eight weeks and I think the reason you want to do that is a of course you seize the opportunity to capture the attention of the sports world be any sort of the only show in town but he also owes his fighters Pfizer put time and effort into preparing themselves for a fight and they want to compete and they want to get paid may ninth may thirteenth may sixteenth in Jacksonville Florida the that's the take away the first court of course as you mentioned you have C. two forty

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