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On SiriusXM wow Facebook YouTube everything even if you want the link and a reminder about this evening text the word hope two thirty three seven eighty nine and then you can send it to all your friends and relatives and they can have some hope we're going to give you a very realistic I'm not a Pollyanna of false positive thinking message but instead are a real reason that you should have hope and some things you should actually tactically do in different types of situations because we've been getting up of course slammed with a ton of questions on this Michael is in Virginia Michael your question for canon me yes hello how are you doing today gave better than I deserve Sir how are you I'm a hundred and fifty percent better than I deserve how can we help you Sir on yes my wife and I are full time employees and my wife wants to transition into her own business and we're starting your baby steps actually in the fall in order to have a baby step one completed any problem we're gonna start baby step two when people were wondering while we're doing baby step two should we also seem a little bit of money here and there to help support my wife's transition from being a full time employee to work to part time and then to work full time from home what is she gonna be doing it will it cost to set her up actually gonna do online lessons there's a lot of people that do like online classes and stuff like that so she's going to be selling those things yeah that sounds like a perspective business how would she make right now all she makes around thirty six thousand right now what will it cost to set this business up only she doesn't her free time I think right now on the website because about three hundred dollars and she's actually contributing to her website in her free time she's building all the stuff herself in school history Mr in about or start this business yeah yeah well if you get into your baby step to just put three dollars in your budget what your household income home or household income is around a hundred and eighty thousand a year right now I think you can find three hundred Bucks to it's just something that's not I mean I if if you told me thirty thousand dollars to set up a business I would say wait until you got your baby step three done but three hundred dollars and a hundred thousand dollar income and I guess are going in you know she started as a side hustle gets you going yeah it's a big enough that she can just about coming home and then work shouldn't make makes it into even bigger than her old income used to be all for three hundred Bucks plus search button so what knowledge yeah yeah hustle gram baby get after yeah just I did and and I may have not heard it clearly but I just wanna make sure that they're not transitioning out of that thirty six thousand dollars a year she's she's replaced her thirty six with that side also for their complied now running she's not made a dime right so we're not quit her job today no okay she stays in the job yes this is a side hustle yeah Spencer inner Bucks get the website up and running hostile ground has a grand get up or she making twenty thousand Bucks a year and twenty five thousand Bucks a year then we talk about are coming home that's right but until you've proven your theory you don't turn you don't read jump towards your dream you'll turn it into a nightmare don't do that Rodney is with us running is in New York hi Rodney how can can me help you hi David can help your family they're doing well they are thank you thank you everybody's good my question for you is I have some expenditure family who has fallen on hard times they've been laid off unfortunately and it asked me for a loan and to be quite Frank with you seeing how they spend money I do not believe that I will be paid back I don't think they have the discipline you know you can manage it well but I also don't think this is the time to be like a guy you should manage your budget better but I really don't feel comfortable giving understands how do you how much how much is it alone they're asking for R. fifteen fifteen thousand dollars yes and how how what is your situation is that an easy number for you or you have to strain to do that I'm in baby steps before so that would come out of the we see what I got three to six months some of the merchants say somewhere they need fifteen thousand dollars for they they said that they managed to get creditors to give them a temporary reprieve on some other car notes and they have some credit cards down but okay don't think that their job they're gonna come back before the temporary yells suppression of all the all the fees and the interest and what not so and then they also don't have a say in the mail so you know there they're they're sort of and how are they near you in proximity I mean can you sit down with a margin table geographically yes Sir all right well if it was my family here's what I would do okay I do not want to be an enabler I do not want to give a drunken drink which was your concern in the way you stated your question if if you have I don't think you have fifteen thousand dollars to to loan anybody or get anybody right now either because this is not a in an emergency for your family to give them fifteen thousand dollars so I I if I sat down at their kitchen table it would probably result in two or three things that would be very uncomfortable for them occurring I might give them three or four thousand dollars to meet some absolute horrible things like mood or lights and yet on the condition that they attend the fourteen day free trial for financial peace university and take every class in the next fourteen days and on the condition that they sell both of their cars and on the condition that they put together a budget and show it to me every week for the next two months and on the can and they're not going to want to do any of that you're not going to loan me money as a result of the lady that helped them get on track yeah I mean here's the thing I'll help you help you but I'm not going to stimulate your stupidity by giving you fifteen thousand dollars so you can act like that you hadn't been stupid so they're going to sell both these cars because you should the bottom in the first place you can get your couple who is and then you're going to get on can come inside and you're gonna get like three of these part time jobs at a **** popping up everywhere everybody's hiring in certain sectors right now you don't have to sit at home can what can they do yeah I mean they seem to be delivering things they need to be stocking shelves that need to be in warehouses they're going they're you know they're doing ever they've gotta do you got target Walmart Amazon CVS Walgreens I'm just name a few then go to my Instagram account we have a little slice of hiring everything is hiring I think to your point Dave you're right they're gonna have to do a lot of things with evidence and I don't think they're going.

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