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U.S. surgeon general on federal government’s efforts to distribute medical supplies


President trump announced new efforts to get crucial supplies like masks gloves and surgical gowns to medical centers amid shortages in some states the U. S. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams and member of the white house's coronavirus task force spoke to CBS this morning on the crisis for the first time we're hearing doctors say I'm scared I'm scared of leaving my children without a parent because I could possibly die doing the job that I love to do what can you say to these people today it's no longer good enough to say we're working on is coming help is on the way you have to help us understand why this is so difficult and what you guys are doing right now to remedy the situation well good morning and I didn't expect to be starting off my week with such a dire message for America but the numbers are going to get worse this week things are going to get worse before they get better and we really need everyone to understand this is serious to lean into what they can do to to flatten the curve and you talked about health care workers I'm getting those calls every minute of the day I got calls from people literally while I was sitting here waiting to talk to you when I went to health care workers of American understand these are my colleagues these are my friends and I will not rest until you all have the tools you need to kill ourselves focal Dr Adams we know everything you've just said we've all heard this a gazillion times why is this so difficult and I'm not trying to be disrespectful no no not at all so frustrated with you or not at all and I'll tell you why it's difficult because the national stockpile purchases one tenth of one percent of all the medical supplies in this country the rest of it is in the market and so we're doing a couple of things and I want people to know the tangible actions were taken and we are using the stockpile through FEMA which has been activated to level one to send out supplies and they aren't there we sent over two million mass there are supplies going out to the places most at need Washington California New York we have the military out out on the ground instead well these places we found out CDC teams to provide back up we've worked with the American society of anesthesiologists to identify seventy thousand ventilators they're in the are they can be converted so supplies are going out we know that they're not going out fast enough to keep pace with the demand and that's why the most important message I have for America is we are halfway through our fifteen days to stop the spread we need to turn this pick it off we can't we can't delete our way out of this problem we need to make short in addition to getting supplies to people that were really focusing on demand and getting people out of the streets stay at home Dr Adams the president signed the defense production act he can essentially order companies to manufacture these supplies that medical professionals so professional so desperately need at this point why isn't the government doing that the government is using the defense production act to get people to the table we've worked with three M. we worked at Honeywell they are already at Max production here's the thing people don't understand you don't need to compel someone to do something that they are already doing and so you know every single day there people looking and saying do we need to compel someone to do this let's make the call okay they're already at Max production they're already working around the clock and again we are using the stockpile and female to get resources that the people who need it we're finding new and innovative people who are stepping up and volunteering like Haynes said I would never thought that Haynes would be able to produce surgical masks are there do some math yeah we're hearing of reports of shortages on personal protective equipment and you're saying we're already at mass mass production does that mean shortages are just going to be the way it is well we know that there are going to be shortages in some areas and it's why I actually wrote an op ed calling on people to stop elective surgeries we need to make sure the supplies are getting to New York to California to Washington the put to the place and they need and they can't get there the people are out somewhere else where they don't have C. cases right now doing elective procedures we want to make sure we strategically moving the up the personal protective equipment supplies to where it is most needed and that's both apply in driving down

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U.S. surgeon general on federal government’s efforts to distribute medical supplies

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