Dozens of migrants die in shipping container on truck in Mozambique

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Well in Mozambique on Tuesday fourteen deeply. Traumatized male migrants were rescued from a sealed shipping container on a lorry bound for South Africa. According to the International Organization for Migration Sixty four other men on the truck died from US. Fixation an interview with you and uses. Daniel Johnson. Iom's Sondra Black explains where the migrants came from and what the agencies doing to raise awareness about the dangers of such journeys lever the tragic news yesterday morning that the bodies of sixty four migrants were found in the back of a truck that had come from Malawi. The survivors reported that they were from Ethiopia and that they're on their way to South Africa in search of better opportunities for their own lives. Iowa most is in close contact with the National Migration Service of Mozambique in order to provide immediate assistance for the survivors. Do you know how they found the truck required to pull over at a checkpoint and police spoke with the driver asked him the contents of the vehicle where Austin to open the back of the truck and very sadly those bodies where found but we were glad. At least there's fourteen survivors. Thank goodness there. Were some survivors. It really does sound horrific. Do you have any more details? About where the migrants came from a- they all men are there any women and children. All of the migrants are men. No minors no. When we realized that these men were travelling from Malawi. And they're coming from Ethiopia with the goal of reaching South Africa. We have seen similar incidents in the past car accidents of migrants who are coming from Horn of Africa who are attempting to travel to South Africa in search of education and economic opportunity of course traveling down through Mozambique Malawi areas. That were really really hit by two massive tropical storms Kennedy. What's the situation for migrants? I mean it's tough enough for many in. Mozambique so are they not aware that conditions are absolutely dire for many in Mozambique on their way through to South Africa. Mozambique is along this southern Africa routes where we see migrants coming from eastern Africa traveling down to South Africa but we still in Mozambique have over one hundred thousand people in resettlement sites. The country is still recovering from SCICLUNA die and cyclone. That happened one year ago. We realized that these migrants are looking for educational and Economic Opportunities. Some of them are fleeing violence so they may feel themselves to be in desperate situations. I'm would've you manage to find out from these migrants not necessarily those rescued from the latest. Laurie tragedy. What does it they tell you? What are they looking for? Exactly the situation that some of these migrants are fleeing is fleeing hardship in their countries fleeing poverty. There may be fleeing islands. They may not have the opportunities that they need in order to find employment to support their families so that they feel that migration is an opportunity to improve their circumstance so they choose to leave their homes many in this region we see them travelling to South Africa. So what's the IOM's daily work if you like? What's your objective? Both in preventing people from risking their lives in really dangerous journeys down from the east of Africa to the south. And how do you maybe get some people home repatriate them? That's one of the International Organisation of Migration Semaine functions to isn't it? I O N Mozambique in cooperation with other missions. The South Africa where involved in information-sharing we want migrants to realize the dangers of these irregular migration journeys. We also have a project. In order to voluntarily return migrants to their home countries. We have returned over several hundred migrants. Who WENT TO SOUTH AFRICA? Who did not find the opportunities that they were looking for and wanted to voluntarily return to their home country so just from from Mozambique. We've returned over three hundred migrants Mozambican migrants in the past few years from South Africa and finally in terms of covert nineteen preparedness. What can you tell us about the state of play in? Mozambique the moment many cases of infection there are a few cases of coveted nineteen in Mozambique. This question is best placed for the World Health Organization but all UN agencies are in support of the government of Mozambique the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to respond to this

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