Ohio clinics ordered to halt abortions deemed ‘nonessential’ amid coronavirus response


Well in Ohio Planned Parenthood officials are essentially saying they disagree with the state Attorney General interpretation of their governor Mike DeWine's order to stop elective procedures they say abortion is an essential health service they believe continuing to perform the procedure does comply with that order but they're scaling back other services as they can in Texas Planned Parenthood says they're reviewing an order from governor Greg Abbott and also making an effort to conserve supplies there any queues abortion rights opponents of politicizing this pandemic here's Jacqueline errors with Planned Parenthood federation of America abortion is an essential time sensitive medical procedure and we know that medical experts have made this clear and we should not be delaying or creating additional barriers for people to get access to the healthcare that they need including abortion act that and that's in line with what some major medical groups like the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists are saying that abortions essential and time sensitive so far we're not hearing of any legal action but we will be watching this as this

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