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Far nice and quiet American as our next report eleven eleven on ten ten wins wins news time eleven oh two the United States now has more confirmed cases of corona virus than any other country that according to Johns Hopkins University the US has more than eighty two thousand cases now there are eighty one thousand cases in China eighty thousand cases in Italy Italy does have the most confirmed deaths eight thousand more than a thousand people have died in the United States there are now twenty three thousand one hundred twelve confirmed cases of killed nineteen in New York City the viruses claim three hundred sixty five lives in the city one hundred more people have died as a result of the virus over the past twenty four hours or so in New York state governor Cuomo so the number of deaths is a three eighty five it's up from two eighty five and since we still have a large number of people on ventilators for a long period of time the experts expect that number to continue to increase he says they are working to increase the number of beds seven a Cuomo wants to increase hospital bed capacity with more emergency locations throughout the city and local counties I would go is to have a one thousand plus overflow facility in each of the borough's downstate in the county's and Long Island Nassau Suffolk and Westchester and Rockland that's in addition to the set up at the Javits center old Westbury Westchester in Stony Brook it is daily briefing the governor said he was very unhappy with the federal stimulus package not providing any funds for local government budgets it's for culvert nineteen treatment only and he says they're still shopping for ventilators Juliet Papa ten ten wins news the governor says the top priority remains ventilators we've approved a technology that allows one ventilator to serve to patients what they call splitting which is where you add a second set of tubes to a ventilator to do to patients it's not ideal but we believe it's workable they're trying to be creative we're also converting anesthesia machines to ventilators we have a couple of thousand anesthesia machines in our hospitals and we're converting them to work as ventilated menopause he offered encouragement today to overwhelm staffers at Elmhurst hospital the mayor describes Elmhurst hospital as the epicenter within the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak the folks at Elmhurst hospital folks doing this noble work need supplies and I'm committed to getting you supplies in fact in the last ten days we have four times resupplied owners hospital with additional ventilators and we will keep doing that until we're at the point that Elmhurst absolutely always has more than enough ventilators as for the needs of the whole city mayor de Blasio says we will have an additional twenty five hundred ventilators from the federal government within the next few days but that's only about a sixth of what we are going to need to get through this entire crisis we predicted this moment we need fifteen thousand ventilators on the corrections front mayor de Blasio says he's worried about inmates who might be susceptible to serious complications should they catch covert nineteen we are looking to release the inmates that we think are appropriate to lease that release that we think do not pose a threat to the community the mayor saying that the city's jail population fell below five thousand for the first time since nineteen forty nine Roger stern ten ten wins news city council speaker Corey Johnson says he wants more city streets closed to vehicles during the outbreak so people can get outside with plenty of room the playgrounds and parks are not big enough since you are people crowding in I think we should check playground down because I'm not sure what the cheapest thing right now and try to alleviate the pressure on parks by opening up streets it is a question that staffing to some extent the number of deaths in New Jersey has nearly doubled over the past two days six thousand eight hundred seventy six cases eighty one deaths another two thousand four hundred ninety two positive test results today in the state state health officials say thirty one point seven percent of those tested in New Jersey have tested positive governor Murphy tamp down rumors about when schools might re open I'm aware that some school districts on a separate matter have already begun advising families as to when they anticipate re opening let me be perfectly clear on this that decision rests with yours truly we will not be prepared to revisit the closure until at least April seventeenth New Jersey did get some good news today I am pleased to report that my request for a major disaster declaration request to FEMA has been approved by the president meeting we will now have access to greater essential federal research support to help our residents through this emergency it means we can lift some remaining bureaucratic barriers to assistance as well and be able to augment our response even more efficiently president trump has said he wants to get the economy back up and running as soon as possible Mr trump has sent letters to all fifty governors on top of the letter to governors which will pressure them to lift the grip of forced social distancing and closed businesses president trump offering hope to people in areas not that hard hit we may take large sections of our country that earn so seriously affected and we may do it that way but and we've got to start the process pretty soon Illinois governor JB Pritzker however has locked down his entire state and is worried about efforts from the White House to break that I'm concerned about the desire of the president to ignore the science to try to do something that has a desire to do the feds will look at infection statistics and give each county in the nation the high medium or low risk rating Costantini Washington the house is expected to vote tomorrow on the two trillion dollar stimulus package passed by the Senate correspondent Andrew Denburg speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's pleased with the Senate version calling it a good compromise since we take some pride in the fact that as I said earlier dem congressional Democrats in the Senate in in the house were able to flip this over from corporate trickle down Republican version to bubble up for for first families first legislation the house is scheduled to vote.

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