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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition



Ladies and gentlemen as always an honor and a pleasure to welcome my next guest to the podcast. We spent four years on active duty as an army officer. We're not GONNA hold that against him. He did maintain infantry platoon leader status. He is a ranger school graduate. Which we're going to get into the Dick dragging that is easy. Offer author of twenty five hours a day. He's the CEO of bear performance nutrition and actually ran here from Austin Burns through shoes faster than a stripper at the spearmint. Rhino Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage. Nick bear quite an introduction. I wish to rain here after run. Actually after this podcast before we get started like take a quick seconds talk about are awesome sponsors. Today's podcast we've got origin labs. Which is the Mako maker of? Jacko's products They also make jeans which I actually had to be wearing in if I'm being honest while I'm sitting here it's actually massaging my ass so if you buy a pair of origin jeans boots in Giza's well you actually have your ass massaged while you wear them. They're they're actually really comfortable. I wear them quite a bit Their products that Jaakko Fuel is is kind of the main brand at this point. They've got a whole. Pauline of other supplements go check him out Been STEADFAST Sponsored supporters of this podcast for a while now and we sure appreciate their support Also bulbs naturals the mcat will powder and the collagen powder or something. That I have in my Coffee Cup. Right now But something that I take every day Absolutely not a defining difference in taking them With a number of things mental Skin elasticity digestion. Help my joints feel much better And what I love about this company. Also that it's named after an started by Glen Doherty's the the name bulbs as Glen's nickname. Who was a good friend of mine? That was one of the seals killed in Gazi and his life. Lifelong childhood friend Sean and another guy started the company in Glens name and they give ten percent of all sales to Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation so Support them check them out again. with both Jacko's products and origin labs and the Bub stuff. I I take that stuff every day and Really love to support a good good group of veteran own guy so at any rate when I I've been looking at some of what you've got going on social media wives and We'll get into training for Boston. And and what that entails and the Y. But Yeah I was looking at People asking you questions about how fast you go through shoes and I was just like Jesus Christ like the amount of mileage are putting getting ready for that as is legit no no two ways about it. It's probably a pair a pair of shoes a month right now. Yeah that's not the Hoke brand right which it's not like those are cheap or cheaply built either what What is your favorite cheat meal favourite sheet meal on? If you got out here we have hop body broker spot in Serbia warehouse in round rock a lot. A lot of them in Austin these orders burgers and then these Parmesan truffle fries. So me and my fiance started going there. We did massive bowl fries and we'd get around would share it and slowly. I was like I'm getting my own. So they say you know you can share these fries. No we're not. We're not sharing these. Just because you can doesn't mean you need to exactly so what What's the Best Burger? Which Burger do you get? There is one called Bacon jam double and it's like it's a big jam. I don't know exactly what that means. There's no big which is like the jam is Bacon flavored right but It melts in my mouth. Roy Repeat the name of that Bacon Jam Double. I'm sorry. The name now hopped hopped Tani. That's weird it must be an Austin. Austin is weird right. It's all over weird What is the most miserable? You've ever been miserable. I'd say my time Ranger School. You're a specific time. That kind of stands out sixty one day course I spent one hundred and forty twice twice and a half. Yes so essentially if you enter on this one day late. February. It's the best ranger competition date now. If you recycle that phase at all or Durham not that core state. You're a six week quarter. So when the first phase failed because patrols had a six week holdover for I was cleaning up for bending for six weeks porn. We'd Donald upon painting fence posts sweeping the parking lot. Yeah just a bunch of bullshit. Went Back in past mountains. Bill Mountains right away from patrols again past mountains pass Florida graduated project. That second time through. Mountains I remember coming coming from the field that one day passes Mir a catch myself with Mir. I'd like second plants. 'cause I didn't recognize myself dropped so much weight but I would say I mean there are there are some like stand out stories from my time ranger school. That are definitely like Shit Times. Like the worst from a from a standpoint of what you do now Are there any times where you've pushed herself? Now as hard as you were pushed in ranger school and make yourself as miserable as you were then. I think I try to make myself as miserable as a one was. Then they A person wear rangers go for me was a pivotal point my life because up until then I never really was challenged that way So I was telling you know you can to get this experience. One person might pull a complete different perspective from it for me go into ranger school and spending that time there was this pivotal point where I learned. This is what you have to do to go all in so now. I learned what it takes to succeed from that and apply that the rest of my life. Whether that's fitness business. I look forward to the Shitty Times. Yeah yeah the the challenge right. I think humans are are meant to suffer in in some ways for sure door. We thrive on it. And if you try to avoid it you're you're cutting yourself short. Oh for sure but What what's the biggest failure you've had biggest failure? I'd say not only call failure but when I I think it was perspective when I launched my company so when I launched my company I was studying nutrition in college since two thousand twelve. I was an army program so I knew that a year later I was active duty infantry and I want my business with no idea hard is going to be so I remember launching it till my dad hated first years. I'M GONNA make a million dollars this first year. He just laughed me net net. You're not alone shit me. Twenty thousand dollars that year after this shoving people's face massive steep fifty percent discounts. I three years. We had twenty thousand dollars in revenue to me. That was failing and it wasn't until I I realized what I have one foot in one foot out I don. I didn't time what it was gonNA take to make a business succeed. I learned through a lot of failures a lot of steaks. Yeah I think I mean that's with most things in life but You know to me the the intelligence in the mistake or or you know the the learning experience from the failures is where you know. Most of life's best lessons are absolutely learned The follow up question is what are you most proud of? Is it safe to say that Pushing through and being successful or is there something in your life that that kind of takes the cake as being what you're most proud of I'd say at this point in my life my business you know. I've had it for eight years now and seeing work started And at a time in the beginning there was never point closest gallon Closed down it was just gonNa keep doing this because I'm so passionate about this at the time it wasn't making money in the beginning. I didn't I didn't care but seeing where it is today and worked for started. That's that's constantly. It's constant my head all day energy. Now it's Great Shit. What's the scariest moment of your life? Man scariest moment I'm up I'm GONNA put it in business terms I mean. I think being an entrepreneur being business owner. You learn a lot about yourself. You learn a lot about the people almost like being military and I remember it was I was in South Korea stationed now getting ready to go to the field for thirty days. No access to my phone anything and I try to use my credit card for the business to make a purchase for. Something wouldn't go through at time. I was using USA for my for my Biz. I didn't know at the Time Young Entrepreneur. You couldn't use a personal account for so card won't go through and I just figured hey. Usa maybe viewed as a risky transaction cycle. Call the bank and they let me know that because I was using this personal account for business. They ceased all my accounts. I didn't have access to these accounts for Up to sixty days is about to go under investigation. So I couldn't touch any my count so here. I am about the League for thirty days having this business. That's growing rising. Why have no? I'm not my hands are off like I have no control anymore. And that's at one point. I remember like it felt like my wife was crushing underneath me. Yeah how old were you at that point? It's twenty four twenty four. Yeah the Yeah for sure. The element of Banking institutions having you by the balls that way you know is is. It's legitimate socks. Frankly I th. There's been instances not quite like that but but similarly where I've Learned the hard way and and Ben just naive going into things and then thinking I'll just do this and then you know you realize very quickly that that there's a method to the madness and There is a rhyme to the reason if you will and and those are are some Shitty shitty lessons at the time but I'm assuming for you just like with me. Everyone that I look back on. I'm glad that I learned when I did. And and you know they're they're valuable know they're the ones that. I think you know to to learn it on your own. They're they're far more valuable than somebody holding your hand and and kind of guiding you through the process all the way having said that I mean obviously business. Mentors are great but Some of those lessons I think are best. Learned the hard way. Honestly maybe maybe I'm dip shit but What is your your morning routine? Look like when you're in town on a massive personal routine I like have my routine solve of up at like four. Forty five five. Am turned you go to bed between ten and eleven pm so four forty five five am..

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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition

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