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You back text the word rocket to forty eight forty eight forty eight that's what rockets to forty eight forty eight forty eight text R. O. C. K. ET top forty eight forty eight forty eight right now from the auto bell hearing aids studios this is news radio WFLA the forty third world in New York they have proved it ventilators splitting so ventilators get into shorter supply and they they run out of ventilators they're gonna be able to split ventilators between the two patients here's the latest on that I saw an ABC news report on this earlier today that New York hospitals can now try to trade to corona virus patients with the single ventilator this was part of the pressure earlier today with governor Andrew Cuomo and obviously that could in some cases help to double the availability for the need for ventilators I you know that's sort of a last resort situation but if this outbreak gets worse and all the indications are that it is and the surge is coming there already are ridiculously upward trajectory but New York Presbyterian Hospital has developed a split ventilation protocol and that has been shared with the New York state department of health and they quickly approve the practice listen as Americans as humans where resources full we will figure out a way will so sensually I will just call these things the mac Guyver ventilators other calling the technique not ideal but it's workable and Cuomo said today that the venture ventilated splitting may be necessary because of the projections that they have in New York state with the need for potentially up to thirty thousand ventilators in coming weeks not numbers that New York has right now it's about five thousand six thousand ventilators they purchased an additional seven thousand ventilators and the state also got about four hundred ventilators church from the government's stockpile but then we heard another two thousand we're on the way and then another two thousand behind that from the feds no and also the the important thing to realize is that the average covert nineteen patients the the the average sure coronavirus patient that has such a severe condition that they need to be on a ventilator that it could be anywhere for all Levin to twenty one days let me put this into perspective for you a patient that needs a ventilator that is non cold paid nineteen a patient that does not have coronavirus they're typically on a ventilator when they need one for three to four days but with covert nineteen coronavirus the patients are on ventilators for a much greater period eleven to twenty one days so you don't have the the same turn around is what Cuomo said on getting about patient better than take him off the ventilator than moving it to the next page and the need to know you're dealing with this is sometimes three to nearly three times the amount or four times the amount I mean it's it's all it's all long period of time so that's the the ventilator update here on Schnepf folks if you want to get in at eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I really want to hear and we we took a bunch of calls in our number one I want to take more calls here in our number to tell me what's happening in your state in your city are people starting to end this is very important are you noticing people starting to lock down a little more unfortunately we had a story earlier in the week I had a us an acquaintance of mine in Danbury Connecticut who said earlier this week that there was more traffic on the roads this earlier this week and it was a week ago so I was I'd love to get reports from all over the country what is it like if you're going out for necessities if you're going out for food and medicine and things that are deemed very necessary what are you exposed to what you're seeing are you staying safe what measures are you taking so any aspect how's your family getting along or are your kids going stir crazy any aspect of this want to grab your calls eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine and that is the nationwide number here on Schmidt let me tell you something else and this whole life this will hit home the headmistress of my daughter's school in New York has.

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