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The COVID-19 Pandemic Slams Into Airlines


The twenty third of March we tracked in total fewer than one hundred thousand flights for the first time since Christmas. Twenty sixteen while at a a big drop a big drop commercial traffic from March first to March twenty third. That number is fifty percent so in total commercial. Traffic's down about fifteen percent but the number is increasing day by day as the number of commercial flights false right now. I'm looking at sixty five hundred total flights in the air Around the world at the twenty two hundred. Ut See time on Tuesday march twenty fourth. The normal number would be not quite twice that but approaching so we are down around the world a considerable amount of air traffic. But that's not to say there's still a considerable amount of air traffic out there. Six thousand five hundred flights is is still quite a bit. Yeah perhaps even too much at this point in real in realistic terms. I mean it. We've reached the point. Where maybe it's best. I mean we've seen and we'll get into this and in a few minutes but were nearing a hundred airlines that have canceled service not have cancelled some service but have canceled service. So we are unofficially tracking now seventy six airlines that have canceled outright. One hundred percent of all fights and another sixteen on top of that that are ninety five percent higher than a whole range of airlines at are above eighty percent. That are focused. Only NO LONGER. International Airlines at this point so yet the number of airlines that are either completely suspended operations globally or are so drastically reduced that they are just operating one route. Domestically on subsidize government contracts is a scary. I mean for instance what Kenya Airways announced. They were ceasing. All international flying because the the borders have closed. But they've got one domestic route. I think that they've kept open. Thai Airways today announced they are stopping. Flights Effective March. Twenty fifth. And a few of the country prohibitions went into effect today. India at midnight went in down into lockdown so no they had previously earlier in the weeks at no international flights and they said no domestic flights so there are now only cargo flights going to the entire country of India and overflight as well it will overflights as well but but you know landing or departing only cargo has this time and then the other one today was United Arab Emirates and that was an interesting one because early over the weekend emerets came out and said effective March twenty fifth. We will no longer be flying passengers. Then they come back and say the add on. Just we're done. We're done lights. Were taking a break. Sky Cargo Sky. Carl will continue to operate which is not a large portion of their operations but that was going to continue to operate but passenger flights would be over then. They said no just kidding. We're still going to operate some services and then the UAE stepped in and said. We'll know you're not because we're going to close the reports that was on the span of like ours. Yeah that was. Yeah it was. I think maybe six eight hours tops that we we're not talking to that. We're talking about the initial announcement and maybe hours before the the walk back saying Oh wait. Never mind will operate a handful of nations to maybe six hours after that saying actually The country's hunting do anything at all. Yeah so that now effects a huge number of transit passengers and including not just emerets but also not had and fly Dubai and whoever else really that was flying there but but a lot of those. Ron's already stopped flying beyond Amarat's And find your by. So that's a huge transit hub. That's been taken out of play. The speaking transit hubs. There's a group of Algerians stuck in the airport. They're playing out the early two thousands. Tom Hanks movie the terminal for Real. And it's not great but at least the airport local authorities seem to be watching out for them and trying to do what they can but there are over a thousand passengers. Kinda stuck in limbo. They can enter the country that can't leave the country. I should clarify that. This isn't Dubai. This is in Turkey might Skip over that to start the story off. But there's a thousand passengers in Turkey's negotiating with Algieria. Please can we let these people leave the airport because we're not gonNA back into Turkey so a rather unfortunate situation given everything that's happening not to be able to either go home or go somewhere besides the airport terminal right not great and back to India. I know it's the middle of the night that right now maybe three. Am but there is not a single narrowbody aircraft at all over Indian airspace. Which is kind of mind blowing right now. And considering that it's one of the largest domestic markets for air travel and growing the sheer number of aircraft that would normally be flying. Maybe not in the middle of the night but come tomorrow morning is certainly going to be felt. I found one. It's Spice Express. Seven thirty seven freighter which I didn't even know existed with spice jet. So that's cool. This is one of the side benefits but just kind of interesting things happening things as commercial flights that would normally kind of crowd. The map are being grounded. A lot of people are finding some very interesting things that they normally wouldn't see like a lot of the Canadian smaller. Canadian carriers that are still operating a lot of the mapping and Geo Sensing flights that sometimes get pointed out but are usually masked under a blanket of commercial. Travel are getting pointed out and obviously people are discovering loon balloons for the first time. So that's always an interesting thing for for them to see but yeah so still a lot of a lot of traffic being grounded and were not near the end. We're more towards the beginning at eastern North American than we are the end. There is still an astronomical number of flights in the US compared to the actual demand for flights and so many flights going out with a single digit load factors so fights are only going to get cut back before they get reinstated. there are some airlines. Haven't cut back much at all against all odds at this point like Alaska has officially only cut fifteen percent of their schedule. And I don't quite understand that but I would expect cuts to come soon. Yeah I mean we've seen in the past five days. I would say a dramatic decrease in global traffic and the US is starting to drive that further decrease and like you said. I think we'll see in the coming days through this week. I think we'll see a much more substantial drop in traffic and further further announcements that airlines are cutting routes in cutting services in parking additional aircraft. We'll see nothing else to do but wait and see what happens. that's true. Boeing has stopped building aircraft in Washington state. Yeah and this time. It's more than just the seven three. Max which is already had its production. Stop this time. It's all of the wide bodies as well seven. Sixty seven the seven eight. I guess as well that trickles of an ex the production has completely ceased for a while as a couple a couple of workers in the wide-body facility up in Everett tested positive for corona virus. And I believe one actually unfortunately passed away earlier in the week. So they are pausing production completely there so right now all Boeing production at all is happening in the Charleston South Carolina plant. Yes I haven't heard a shutdown. No no I haven't heard anything either into the Charleston. Plant is the the seventy seven line. That's really all they build so that'll be interesting to see. You know how how things worked there. At how long. They're able to keep that going. Suppliers have also started to maneuver around stoppage in continuing to produce thinks in beyond the ongoing issues with this having three seven. Mac supplying spirit Arrow has stopped. Work for Boeing. Or most work for Boeing. But some of the other suppliers like Leonardo are still manufacturing components for for bowling. So it'll be interesting to see how all of that is managed as things. Maybe eventually return back to normal will be had echos. Maybe maybe

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Slams Into Airlines

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