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COVID-19, Chinas wet markets, and bats - is it US not THEM?

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Good afternoon thank you for joining us the South China morning post is reporting today that classified Chinese government records show that the first case of a person suffering from corona virus has been traced back to November seventeenth of twenty nineteen that is more than seven weeks before Chinese officials announced they had identified a new virus that's two months before various cities in the region went into lockdown to contain the spread of the virus on published data show the Chinese authorities have identified at least two hundred sixty six people who were infected before December thirty first that's a time when we Hana Tories were busy punishing a group of doctors were sounding the alarm about a new disease that was very similar to the sars disease and Mike Pompeo secretary of state keeps saying to the world China is still not coming forward with the full story on what happened so that that's a new report today out of the South China morning post of Hong Kong