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50K watch Curry talk to Fauci about COVID-19


Steph curry of the Golden State Warriors did and I believe in Instagram interview with the doctor doctor found the end Dr Anthony Fauci the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases and fifty thousand people tuned in to see Steph curry talk to doctor Fauci so you know he's doing his part to get the information out there to the masses good information out there to the masses and make sure they don't succumb to any any of the the panic stuff you might see on Facebook and and and the and the and the false claims and all that stuff he's trying to get some some serious information out to the out to his family's in any NBA fan base and you know maybe a younger generation who isn't as tuned into the news and is in its tuned into things as as maybe an older generation is he's he's doing

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50K watch Curry talk to Fauci about COVID-19

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