Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig


Yesterday was the Austin Atheist Day celebration and it was supposed to take place on the steps of the capital But we cancelled our event. They're even before the capital shutdown. We switched to an online format so once atheist experience is done for the day. We'll be playing the two hour collected clips of that And also that video is already up at went live yesterday at noon On a sister channel and mark has link-up for that channel as well. It's basically the Atheist Community of Austin Speaker series so It's youtube dot com slash atheist community of Austin is the primary channel interview are very liked and subscribed to atheist experienced You can go there and like subscribe to that and you will get the videos from the speakers as well. But we're GONNA air it kind of as a a special afterwards. Because I do a quick introduction there which will explain what happened but we also have Mandy so Thomas Andrews and Arn raw and I gave a talk but also Jannine v and Dan and Christie. And Charlie and Daryl and mom gosh who am I gonNa Forget Thomas Westbrook and Eric ends it. I think I think got all of them. Two hours of little short speeches between a couple of minutes maybe fifteen minutes each and so you have thoughts from each one of us about you know why atheist as important what you know goals emissions were working for. I'm glad that you both still did atheist day. And you made the adjustments before there was actually abandoned place on large gatherings. I'm glad that the ACA took it upon itself to say we're not going to be a part of getting people together right now yeah. Aca is currently a DEFCON Three three Defcon two we go down to. Nobody's allowed in the building except the crew and all hosts will be remote and Defcon one. We just stopped producing content We're hoping we don't get there but you know watching what's happening and I'm optimistic that maybe were getting ready to turn a corner on testing treatment. I've been pretty much self quarantine at my house for the last week. Yeah I was going to go. I was actually going. Leave the country for my first time and go to Europe. My trip would've ben two days from now That for obvious reasons has been canceled but I already got that time approved off of work so I figure might as well kind of quarantine while Canyon do what I can to slow that curb because a lot of people are misunderstanding. That the biggest reason why. We're trying to like flattening. Curve is just because something like eighty percent of us and I don't have the exact number but a large number of people are going to end up getting the virus and it's just it's important that we don't all get it at the same time because that would overwhelm our healthcare system and already kind of starting to see that in New York. It looks like they're starting to make arrangements for temporary hospitals. And you know we have to come up with plans on how we're going to get more ventilators and all of that stuff so do what. You can't just slow down. You might get it but I try not to get at the same time as everyone else. Yeah and I've been playing Do Maternal which came out on the twentieth Straight streaming that So for those people who aren't aware I guess maybe I never mentioned it here But I stream live on twitch and I've had twitch channel for like five years and every day somebody new comes in and goes holy crap. It's mental Donnie streaming games and. I didn't know you were Gamer. Yes I'm a Gamer. I was quick ninety-seven Iran the number one counter strike team in the United States. I am a hardcore. Gamer of both first person shooters and RPG's and some platforms but also boardgames index games. I fucking Love Games. Yeah and I will play the hell out of him and so a corn teens are really good opportunity. I think I stream do maternal for about seven hours yesterday which is a a middle of the road stream from me. I've done twenty four hour streams. I've done two hours rooms. I mean apart from Activism Video Games is mainly what you do anyway right so this. This is an entirely different for you your lifestyle. Just just I'm going to go do what you want videos. And then go back in the room and streams some so that works out. It's business as usual apart from you know not getting to hang out with as many of my friends right. That's that's been the hard part for me. Is just wanting to have large gatherings and just kind of thinking you know if I don't have a really good reason to go see somebody then I don. I shouldn't go do it because one of the problems with this Cove in nineteen is like. You're symptomatic for a while. After you get it so you can have it and not know it right. And that's the that's one of the biggest problems so I also shared a post today because Rand Paul has now tested positive. I I made it posted on facebook saying you know irony. It's what's for breakfast and I don't want anybody to think that I am Gleeful in any way that Rand Paul or anyone else's infected that's not remotely the case. I'm sorry that anybody got affected and I don't you know. Berry were like Oh no. That's just as you know. Screw you ran. You know the irony of it was that there was Legislation that was going to be voted on specifically to start addressing this and move funds around and he basically held our healthcare hostage by attaching an amendment which included things like pulling us out of Afghanistan. Things that weren't even relevant to thing you know. Let me get my pet issues in at the expense of other people's health right and he got tested because he's in the Senate. He has access to attest to that. Other people don't have access to yet. He didn't have any symptoms. It was just a precautionary test whereas I have a friend who has a friend who has symptoms in his sick with a fever cough everything else and cannot get tested and because they talked to somebody else. Those people don't know if they've been exposed or right. I would like to see an increase in the availability of tests because Rand Paul's as dramatic or some dramatic yet but he's in a higher risk category for having you know severe Response to all this. But Yeah it's I mean here's what I would leave in my comment in regards to you like you know some people saying that it's justice or not if I believed in Karma. This would strengthen my belief. Yeah that's what I can. I'm going to leave it at that. Yeah except I don't right. Oh

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