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Fame is a Bitch


He was speaking in Saint Louis on Saturday and he'd stayed in Chicago and he'd been on some airplanes and Oprah said listen she got on some livestream INS Said she was concerned about seven coming back to the house. If travelling so much especially given the fact that Oprah's got some serious health scares last year. You know after pretty ill the pneumonia thing. So she's potentially more vulnerable to corona virus. As Am I. If that's the case I still wouldn't tell my wife to go off in the corner of the studio apartment. Marin even when we do by our eventual twelve room mansion. I will not have relevant of different wing. Because when you love somebody you don't do that. But this is oprah so to be on the stage. Sidestepping is currently quarantined in the guest. I'm sure he's stockpiled. All the porn he can get his hands on and whatever the fuck he needs to survive out there because essentially is this anything different than we ever thought how steadily live. He's in the guest houses even pictures of this poor slob looking out the window and they speak to each other across the yard whatever she calls it the urine garden. That's a whole different story to hear about county with this. Big Property Wyoming. This Ranchi bought for his his clothing brand. He's yeah he's building a wonderful things there and he's putting into it a urine Darden because he wants people to pissing this garden any wants to bottle the urine bottle but used the urine and feces To make you know better garden. I guess it's fucking insane crazy people shit so statements in the guesthouse looking through the window. And he's hanging out the ways talking to her across the yard and the word is Oprah is delivering him meals at his door. How can how can that be a woman any of you proud of or respect? How what any of you treat your man like that. The way she explained the situation is so gross while the procedure is you know you're not coming sleeping in my bed. That's what she said and actually set not and she said. Have you not been paying attention to the news? Social distancing does not mean you go and sleep the same bed but the person when you just got off American Airlines. I don't know I don't know that's where that's what she and I differ. I guess Maybe she said this too much emotion because he got upset she can talk with. Who To march? Self-importance WE KNOW ABOUT OPRAH DINO. That's how she kind of Pissed off the produces at sixty minutes when she had her little gig there at sixty minutes. They asked her to change the way. She said her name when she was introducing her segments. You know a man's in Cooper for sixty minutes. I'm Bob Kroft. I'm Lesley Stahl and I'm Oprah Winfrey. They felt that she was saying it and it was too big too big a gesture they felt. It was too much emotion behind it. The actually asked her to say with less emotion. All right so anything I've ever been told to do. I had a TV show. It's over because that wins. Can you say your name with less emotion? I can't take it. The reason why people put up with this is because of the amount of money. That's television is so fucking obscene that they would tell you. Can you say your father was a putz yes? I can't for how much now. Yes I can do that. That's what they make you do. So maybe she said Stab. You gotTA sleep alone. Maybe she said too much motion. 'cause it bothered him but the people at sixty minutes. But I've got to admit something. I saw her doing segments on sixty minutes. I kind of felt like wait a minute. They brought in a ringer here. So now oprah like gets to do show segments and it's going to be racial stuff all the time I knew that. And that's what she did. That was kind of specialty. And you know it sounds like the shell was her. She's too big a person's when you put her on his show. That's a bunch of Correspondents naturally it's GonNa tilt to one side. Because she's on it she just her own show. Her name's got too much hats. And apparently the sixty minute producers wanted her to soften it and say with Muslim west emotion. Do you know it took her. Seven takes just on her name to make it less emotional and she asked stabbed one point. Is there too much emotion on the oprah part of the winfrey part and she said this has happened before and she was covering stories young reporter in Chicago She covered stories young reporter where a family had lost her home and her boss told that she reported it with too much emotion and she thought oh well you know not supposed to be involved in the story. I get that you know you're a journalist. You got to be objective but the same thing is true even if you read something at sixty minutes flat in your voice too much emotion in your voice. I remember doing this. Gel on the channel called demons in the city of angels. I love that show. I just did the voice over but have you terribly scary. Tales of people being murdered in Los Angeles and a lot of people. You never heard of somewhere famous. Some weren't or one guy was very famous in his in the forties or so screenwriter. He was beheaded the guy. Elvis had like a bully. My terrible guy took his head to the house next door and kill that person horrible stories and I- i- voiced it. I remember the producer. They're telling me I need less. Aj in this read. What let you want to be less myself? So you're not gonna ask someone else to do you want me to be. Yes I'd like you to be less. Aj Give me less. That's the Kinda Shit you here and it's hard not to say. Go Fuck yourself when they're paying you a lot of money to do it anyhow by the way. Make sure In these new days we live in. Make sure you do something That is pleasurable. If you're alone if you know what I mean. Make sure you decide when this is over that you're gonNA find a partner and you'll do things the right way. That's not just me talking. That's Dr Ruth. Dr Ruth is back in the news. They asked her what people should be like nowadays with all this stuff going on and she wanted to sound a word of warning that there's a lot of single people out there and she was kind of against people using online porn sites. Because we don't yet I don't know what she means. We don't know yet all the technology so be careful. She said turn to fantasy privately without putting yourself online. So obviously she means if your cam girl or you're speaking to somebody live and you both doing some freaky shit. She's I don't know why she thinks that's not good. It's certainly enough social distancing. But she did say if you. WanNa take your sexual advice from ninety one year old woman. She said if you do feel sexual by all means bring yourself to sexual satisfaction so we know what that means and couples. She said we've gotta manage expectations. The people have partner are lucky. Because they've got somebody at home and if they ever in a good relationship the experience that we're going through now just make their relationship stronger if you're the ship is not too good then. Staying at home with each other is not going to help So she said make sure we keep a good attitude about life in sex basically. She's saying the same shit she's always said without the giggles because she used to say certain things when I was a kid that funny coming out of a sixty year old ladies mile now. It's ninety one. I don't WanNa hear a talk about sex anymore. I don't know why we go to her. This is somebody that needs to be retarded and put out the pasture. There's nothing about was. The last time she did. Anything Fund sexually was less than she did a reverse cowgirl why nineteen seventy-two. Let's pray and somebody new to talk about this. I know a few on my left. Hand that at that that right sex articles sex ed for different magazines. Bring them in Dr Ruth you know but I'll tell you what she did say. She did say she was very happy. This is scare this this whole this next thing. I WANNA say. I don't know quite what to tell you. This is outstanding the fact that this was even an announcement. I think it means. We're moving in the right direction. Dr Ruth I I caught this last week and I forgot to tell you but Dr Ruth said she's very happy. She said Bravo to the New York City Department of Health because they released guidelines last week. That were very forthcoming very explicit. That you know it's pretty surprising. They said not only about kissing. But about some very explicit sexual provision what were these provisions. Us well that came mandate that we not practice any rim jobs..

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