Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham gives update on coronavirus in New Mexico


New Mexico has been one of the states that took advanced measures to flatten the curve and slow the spread governor Michelle lu Han Grisham has been at the forefront of that battle and she's here to talk more about the impact code nineteen is had on her state welcome governor we appreciate your time and we know just this past Monday you extended the emergency stay at home order to April thirtieth it had been it April tenth do you believe that will be enough time it's really hard to say I know that it's too soon to change what we're doing in terms of our instructions to stay home and we also limited further what we identified as exception ins to businesses that needed to be closed in order to make sure that folks are staying home I think the whole country is looking at when can we safely began to think about moving into going back to work and engaging with our families again and I used to say it's too soon to tell but April thirtieth is where we are today and we are prepared to make additional tough decisions if we need to I know that you spoke with president trump about being very concerned for the Navajo Nation during the corona virus pandemic access to food is one of your greatest concerns how are you addressing this well it's those food and water and just sort of essential services and supplies in New Mexico we've got twenty three different sovereign nations native American tribes the Navajo Nation area in their chapters which is their local bodies of government you can have individuals that are forty miles from any kind of a grocery store gas station and so we are using the National Guard to set up food delivery stations were working on any number of sort of triage centers so that with limiting it needing to come in to get supplies were also not allowing anyone to be in a situation where they don't have what they need to you need a stay at home instruction and it's really tough this is an underserved population in every state it's true in New Mexico all of our sovereign nations by the federal trust responsibilities never been that they don't have adequate health care and other support and so this is just an apparatus population we're beginning to see real risks all of our sovereign nation so we're doing extra community containment measures that extra support and we're working very closely with the national service to increase testing every single one of our publicist for us and speaking of all of those big needs you have in your state do you believe the federal government has been responding with enough so far and now I can there's not a governor I think in the country that's gonna say it's enough I will tell you that the federal government has been much more responsive about trying to figure out what we're gonna do to adequately serve and protect tribal communities in the state another states we're looking at a regional potential operation for Utah in Arizona the Navajo Nation is in all three of those states they have increased our opportunity by declaring a national dental emergency for the state so that we can call up more of the guard they're making sure that we don't have an interruption in our food supply they're giving us field hospitals I think we're getting the right attention is any state in the position to how security for food and he he he and related supplies no we are not there yet yeah I am aggressively working on additional testing even though we're one of the states that signed fairly well because we got into the game of testing early but in so you can do a complete surveillance and testing in your state you are not prepared to serve your state adequately and this continues to be a source of significant frustration

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