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Right twenty years now Tom Brady has said just about nothing about anything at all he went out of his way to say as little as possible when there is a microphone in his face yeah for a good chunk of that time he was pretty quiet on social media as well but then he started to reveal more and more on social media then he became a free agent and then you couldn't shut this guy up then he started making as much noise as possible and now that he's out of New England he's practically fighting to get in front of a microphone in the past few days alone Brady is done a players Tribune piece that's like a million words long and now a two hour interview with Howard Stern and if you thought that in appearance on store and meant that he was going to completely unload on bill E. Bobby and the pats for how they treated him go ahead and re think that one wrong assumptions were made about our relationship out how he felt about me I know genuinely how he feels about me now I'm not going to respond to every rumor or assumption that you made other than what his responsibility as coaches to try to get the best player but the team not only in the short term but in the long term as well so what I could control was trying to be the best I can be in both of those situations also so I got to a point where I was I was an older athlete and he sort of plan for the future which is what is responsibility is and I don't fault him for that and that's what he should be you and that's what every coach should be doing not that I would ever coach but you know if I'm ever in a position of authority I would understand that she I would think I really need to before that interview was I like to get his face with a game on that is a remarkable non answer even for TV forty three and I always love that movie includes this now I'm not going to respond to every rumor or assumption this made and then you proceed to not respond to any rumor or assumption that has been made you just blow right on by you don't say or respond to Jack I mean I was a chance for Brady could have really unloaded on tele check but didn't and clearly he doesn't want to for whatever reason maybe it's because he genuinely feels like Belichick is not bad guy here or maybe it's just because he does not want to air it out in public and he didn't really seem to want to get into whether or not he thought that he deserves more respect from Billy and Bobby for what he had done again I can't do his job and you can't do mine right so the fact that you could say what I'd be successful without him the same level of success I don't believe I would have been but I feel the same and vice versa as well the time isn't there some reasonable your part that he didn't make you a patriot for life no absolutely not no because this is a part for me in my life that experience something very different here's the thing I mean it is tough to get a read on Brady when it comes to Pella Scheck and their relationship obviously it's a complicated relationship put Brady is not going to let you inside that relationship not very much so what's the point of putting yourself out there the way he is if you're not going to say anything at all a new C. Mike doing a many media tore is about getting your side of the story out there it's about you controlling the narrative you know as well as promoting yourself and your brand and this new phase your career but exactly what is his side of the story again this guy's not saying anything what it seems to me is it's like he's framing things and he's being respectful about Jack but it's nothing but love and respect right well me ask you this time if it's nothing but love and respect the hell are you doing in Tampa if it's all respect why are you still in New England and what about all the reports in recent months in recent years about how strange that relationship wise so which is it exactly is it a totally respectful parting of the ways or was Brady really bad about the fact that Belichick would not commit to him in the form of a multi year extension that he wanted because Brady says it's the former but there's a lot of smoke there it was the latter all in speaking of smoke there was the revelation the Brady drank any smoked weed in high school there was that but is it really a revelation quote what kept me from smoking a lot of weed obviously in high school you try that and you drink and go to parties but I always felt like I was letting my dad down he went on quote I do have fun in high school with partying and drinking and smoking weed on occasion but as it got later my high school life does became less and less and quote I mean I guess that's something it shows that he has been a cyborg his entire life did do was not going to Baskin Robbins in high school and asking if they add avocado ice cream that when all the other kids were baking in high school Tommy was well baking in high school at least for a minute or two I mean damn what a wild man homeboy really did get loose yeah not really then again if you don't chop it up for two hours with Howard Stern not answer any questions because how it's not having that in well he didn't admit to any strain in his relationship with the hood Tommy did admit to a strain in his relationship with his wife you know because of the long hours the resistance bands the avocado ice cream the avoidance of night shades and probably that guy Alex rubbing all that lotion on his legs the fact that it was all in during the football season then once it ended he was all in on his off the field business is the fact that he was being a pretty selfish dude and Giselle was not having that you know she didn't feel like I was doing my part to the family you know when she felt like I would play football on all season and she would take care of the house and all seven of season one ended I'd be like great let me get into all my other business activities let me get into my football training and she said they're going when you can do things for the house you're gonna take the kids to school and do that right now is a big part of our marriage that I would I had to like check myself because she's like I have goals and dreams too it's just not this you know do these things either so you better start you know taking care of things about how so two years ago as it related to your laptop off for me I had to make a big transition in my life to say I can't do all the things that I wanted to do football like I used to you know I got to take care of things in my family because my family was the situation wasn't great she wasn't satisfied with our marriage damn like I gotta stop wearing my recovery performance jammies like wow I might have to eat a tomato I mean I guess that's something sort of as much as a wife telling a husband you're not keeping up your end of the bargain do better or hit the brakes I mean not that that's some sort of crazy revelation debut I think that Tommy was taking the kids to school and doing the dishes I mean his duties all ball all day except when he's trying to convince everybody that drinking water prevents sunburn of course she was passed and then there was the admission that he did not throw to some guys that he did not trust I would say I don't have any trust that this guy can you know help us to win the game and I can definitely expressed my opinion to say if you put him out there I'm not going to build the wall because I write you know the whole team is trusting me to do what's right by the team so you can't put someone out there that I don't believe in because if I don't believe in and then it'll work was for the team home shut it down let's go home he went there if you can trust you you weren't getting the ball you know again for Brady that sounds like some kind of crazy revelation he just admitted if he didn't trust you he would not feed you damn homeboy is ruthless no actually homeboy is like every other quarterback in the history of the world in that regard they have guys that they trust to run the right route and make a catch and they have guys that they don't trust the guys do they do trust get the most looks the guys that they don't don't it's pretty much out is ready quarterback ever however there is one thing that did come out of the interview that we did not know something regulatory the fact is he's got a nickname I nicknamed the we didn't know a nickname the comes courtesy of Matt castle by the way did you know the back castle never started a game in college sign Jerome Bettis is from Detroit anyway Matt Cassel never starting a game in college is now the second most important fact about Matt Cassel because the most important fact about castle he's he's the one who got lost Tom Brady the following now it comes it comes from a gaming six when Brady suffered what was ultimately diagnosed as a sports hernia go ahead ask because like like one side looks like I would say like an orange and then the other side was normal and I was like something's wrong here thank you thank Dr Brady something's wrong here we just jump in there what's your first and the fact that one testy was normal and the other with the size of an orange art Modell things you want to get that checked out Tom as you might imagine the fellas in a locker room we're not about to let that go my backup time capsule turn pictures of me like with this once you step on one thank you guys

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