Morons: Speeding to get the cheaper bread



Today's more of the day was a driver Who was caught driving at one hundred ten miles an hour when the cops pulled them over for speeding he was also more than one hundred miles from his home in London. Which is on lockdown. He had two little kids in the back seat of that car but he was driving one hundred ten miles an hour and he told the COPS. The bread is cheaper. Where I'm headed and so we're trying to save a little money while we're in lockdown so I'm on my way to get cheaper bread and the police said you drove one hundred miles from home at one hundred ten miles an hour to save fifty cents on the loaf of bread. Baloney Baloney exactly. Text the word Moron. Two eight eight two six to seven four three seven we will send today's more of the day directly to your phone and you'll be automatically registered to win a bottle of our very own hand sanitizer. It's called people make me

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