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California governor orders the state's 40 million residents to stay home


Or two okay you know it's a lot of people heard in Madison a lot of people always hurting your as part of life but I'm concerned about wind young African American woman they might really be hurting right now all really I'm a native land and I'm seventy two years old I watch a lot of television I listen to a lot of radio okay for our local fox five news in the evening I watched a young African American woman start out on the street and then made only and just just just tearing it up Wonderland uhhuh you see what I'm saying just tearing it up yeah and then all right and then all of a sudden I noticed she would be a more decide she's a very dark skinned beautiful African American woman and now she told me go home she left a few days ago and I noticed that they had brought in a very light skinned African American woman and I want to let you probably can feel it in my voice operator role dead dead channel would do that to this young woman and I'm concerned about it her and her family and I praise you doing okay I pray I'm wrong but it looks to me like she was moved out because of the color of her skin a call regarding the NBC show and mentioned it I

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California governor orders the state's 40 million residents to stay home

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