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A 'Kind World' For Troubled Times



When Thi DEP was on the front lines during the Vietnam War fighting a different kind of battle she was the sole provider for her sick father and four younger sisters and she was trying to keep her own daughter alive. Because I watch the fray of many people in Vietnam Vietnam telling me that. If I don't send my baby away they will come in the eight maybe she will be cute depths daughter from my or my I was also the daughter of an American named Joe O'Neill Who des Met at the army base where she worked. They had a romantic relationship but in one thousand nine hundred ninety three the US ordered all of its troops out of Vietnam. Joe Went Back to America Depp. Who was two months pregnant was left behind then? She found herself with an impossible decision. I was quite a you know to make up my full heart. Go to America to believe. She had to get her child out of South Vietnam because of rumors that communist troops were targeting biracial children. They considered them the children of traders. Remember the painful moment. When she dropped off her daughter who is three at the time at an orphanage. She say all my mom. No leave me. I want to come in and bring up heck home. But I think if I'd odor she she req- Raider. Deb knew her daughter would be part of operation baby lift where the US airlifted thousands of children out of Vietnam for adoption. But she didn't know what exactly the future would hold for my and that haunted her years later when things felt safer in Vietnam Debt. Relentlessly search for her daughter desperate. She shared her story with Vietnamese media. Hoping someone would read it and help her. It took some time but someone finally did. She spent like over forty years to look for. Her daughter is a thirty year old. Vietnamese EX PAT WHO came to study and work in Tampa Florida. There were nights when I couldn't sleep thinking about his theory. View made it his mission to help DEP- it took a couple of months but ultimately through some clever online searching and the lucky break on genetic matching site whose research led to one woman. You know how you are so excited you're handshake and you can't even type any other proper words and it was. I was elated. It was this amazing surprise that I had not

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