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Senator asks for ethics review of his stock sales


A North Carolina senator is asking for the Senate ethics committee to review his stock transactions Richard Burr one of four senators under fire for making large stock sale shortly before the market started to tank CBSN's Skyler Henry has the latest from Capitol Hill senator Richard Burr of North Carolina sold between six hundred thousand and one point seven million dollars worth of stock in late January and mid February about a week before the U. S. markets started to slide and as lawmakers started to get daily briefings about the growing health crisis in Asia the sales came around the same time that the Republican who chairs the Senate intelligence committee wrote an op ed assuring Americans the U. S. was prepared to deal with a pandemic and also spoke to a small group warning of severe consequences otherwise serving a box news host Tucker Carlson golden bird to either explain himself or resign there is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time of crisis on Twitter Thursday Burr said Americans were already being warned in his message was to be prepared George's junior Republican senator Kelly Locklear who is married to the New York Stock Exchange chairman sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock starting in late January on Twitter she said her transactions were made by advisers and she wasn't even aware of them until weeks later the stock act prohibits members of Congress from profiting off of information

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Senator asks for ethics review of his stock sales

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