Podcasts now listened to by over 100m Americans every month



Thirty seven percent of US adults. That's over one hundred and four million people. Now listen every month to podcasts. That's according to the newly released infinite. Dial Two Thousand Twenty survey from Edison Research and Triton digital the figure has grown markedly from thirty two percent a year ago the data also shows podcasting continuing to head towards gender parity and increased use of smart speakers. Hanan other news. The research says that almost a third of all Americans no longer own. Am FM Radio Broadcasting in the Dominican Republic in two thousand nine hundred nine is analyzed by Robert Sosuke. The Caribbean nation has seen a more than four hundred percent growth in podcasting mostly driven by anchor. Who hosts two thirds of all podcasts? There forty percent of all podcasts from the country are though this is better than the global a fifty seven percent. Rex is privacy. Symposium took place late last month and around the different feeling New York while most of the privacy symposium was held in private video of the first four sessions has been released. We link to those videos from our show notes in our newsletter today. The apple podcasts. Ios APP has been updated with specific corona virus information in the US reports apple insider visible in the screen shots aren't promotions for CNN. Npr AND THE BBC. The new sanctions include calculating Karm and boredom busters no changes visible in Australia. There Youtube is warning that more videos than normal may be removed from the service content moderation on Youtube and many other platforms is now being done. By Algorithms round the ban human beings and this impact podcasters many of whom use the service for posting video versions of their show. And how will your downloads doing? We're seeing a small drop of about ten percent for this podcast but do let us know how is for. You would like to give an overview on Monday just email editor at news dot net and podcast news. The woman is focusing on women on the front lines of the corona virus. This Week Dr Antoinette Ward leading testing for covert one thousand nine hundred at a major hospital in Atlanta Georgia. Economy in tech podcast. Make me smarties adding short daily show. It'll be posted at five o'clock. Ps T in addition to the normal weekly show. Staying in with. Emily and Kamala is a podcast for charity. About making the best of living life under quarantine have something different so we linked to a podcast about dogs. Dogs Save the people uplifting stories about how dogs have impacted their lives for the better. And if you're more of a cat person. Can't people focuses on cats big ones lions tigers and other dangerous cats

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