Italian hospital modifying scuba masks to replace ventilators


Gasping for every breath these patients are in the advanced stages of covert nineteen ventilators are keeping them alive but with barely enough of them to go around this desperate hospital is trying something new you can turn a scuba mask into a ventilator yes we start yesterday doctors are using a three D. printer to modify the mask so they connect to oxygen it's a quick fix Dr French's coming out of the likens to wartime triage for CBS news was given rare access inside the hospitals I see you before entering we suited up in our protective gear call the nineteen doesn't just kill people it can kill hospitals as well and right now this hospital is fighting for its life children action so far more than forty doctors Sandro see the head of this I see you says one of the following here was a doctor and a friend can you tell us anything about your colleague who died it was fantastic and we we we are still crying and slow C. has a message for her fellow doctors in the U. S. hurry up hurry up is the United States ready for

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