At-Home Workout 2

20 Minute Fitness


So this one is going to be an intense one so clear some room in your house your garden or wherever tatum at home and tell me some explosive movements. Ms First Up. We get between jumping lunges song regime know how to perform a lunge but all the difference here is not it's apply metric movement is boost cardiovascular endurance as well as lower body strength. So what did you get into the lunch? Position prepared to jump by bending your knees and sinking down into a deep lunge lean slightly forward and contractual on then explode up as explode up and jump into the air. Bring your feet quickly together on twitter. Feed positions is as you begin to land. You should also switch your arm positions as you do as well and then obviously as you. Land maintain a balanced Position you'll forward knee each Catholic bishop Ford made should be over. Your forward foot are not beyond and obviously to make sure that you land softly on the forward mid foot and let your he'll come in contact with the ground and then repeats so that's a first movement the jumping lunch with that. Have a jumping. Squawked say similar to a bodyweight squats becoming the lost episodes but we're GONNA explode upwards instead of stopping at the standing position and jump up arms towards the sky or the ceiling and then landed safely sink into all squats. Repeat we did have the inch. One said the inchworm exercise for a little everything really helps strengthen the muscles of -Tario chain which the front hall your body and also stretches the muscles of your Paul Stereo Trains. Back off your body. So He's talked to me entire body in some capacity and getting the blood flowing again. Start Your feet. Roughly hits and support. Take a big breath. Did that as you exhale. Look down at the ground installed reaching your hands towards the floor in front of your feet allow you back to bend one. Vertebra at a time and place your in front of your feet and start walking your hands away from your feet as you can get further away from your body. Allow you heels to come off the ground as your body begins the straighten so when you huns directly under your shoulders check your phone at this stage because you should be full plank position you'll coal chess quads triceps and shoulders or engaged. Then when you're in the plank start walking your hands back towards your feet until directly in front of your feet and stomach up on repeat the movements again from this begins. Go into a high knees. Say Hynix engage. I'll cool strengthen the muscles in legs and get our heart rates up to improve momentum. A coordination and flexibility so feet hit with Paul together a false explosive action. Lift your knee up towards your chest. Alternating knees each time on next excise thing called a groin. A- now the going is was the two movements not cold. The Groin Outweigh game for the one that is the explosive movement rather than the stretch. So how do we do this again? To Stop for the plank or extended push-up position with Angie jumped. Bertha feet woods chest. Landing with feet next to our hand started on the floor and does jumping off feet up towards a hands again to raise your hands in front of us on. Rays are up a tool so so. We ended up finishing in a deep squat. We have placed on back on the ground in front of us and jump off the back and repeat movement so jumped the feet forward from descended prying colpepper position and then into deep squat and so on jump defeat back so these are all movements. Now is persistent conceptualize circuit. So we're GONNA START WITH FIFTEEN REPS OF ARE JUMPING. Lunges straighten to ten to fifteen reps of are jumping squats. Were then going to straighten to ten inch. Worms followed immediately by twenty five seconds of high knees. I'm then going. Finish the first round of the circuits with ten to fifteen groin as an opponent completion of the Groin. As this marks round one of four soon repeat this three times and hopefully you'll experience your heart rate. Pounding calories being burned sweat working up on. You'll have hot a great at home workout again. If is slightly beyond your experience or ability level than simply adjust the number of rounds of the number of reps exercise or again. Make it more difficult for yourself. By adding rounds or increasing rep counts or trying complete. It's time to say self-assessment time and then try to stick within like I had to do it under excellent time each time we can. We'll keep physically active at home. We just need a bit of space. Our bodies on the determination to continue on as normal despite no hunting James and San Juan to to accommodate us.

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