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Medical Officer, Prime Minister And Boris Johnson discussed on The KDKA Radio Morning News with Larry Richert and John Shumway


Advice of the chief medical officer I've taken a test that is come out positive side I am working from home I'm self isolating and that's entirely the right thing to do the prime minister of England Boris Johnson and joining us on our disk Institute of Pittsburgh news line are British broadcaster and Raymond Clark Raymond good morning morning to you Larry and Kevin Pittsburgh moaning so obviously big news certainly after prince Charles had symptoms and he seems to be doing okay you're prime minister says just mild symptoms but he does have the corona virus yeah and and certainly enough we had at a press briefing that's being broadcast on the interest to TV every evening at about four o'clock five o'clock yesterday he seems to me to be conspicuous by his absence he wasn't there it was left to the chancellor of the exchequer the the man that controls the money that we call that we've already had and he was there taking the lead up to the prime minister his last public appearance was last night at eight o'clock when the whole country and it seems like the whole country joined in with a round of applause after the care workers and the medics and the mother sees it as part of the NHS and he was seen on the doorstep of number ten but this this video that he's released with a tweet came at about eleven twenty eleven fifteen something like that this morning I I was I was out in the garden thank you bye one piece of exercise that we're allowed here in this location and they then came in and saw the news so yep that's the position we're in at the moment quite where he's going to start I don't know because we told by the government if you have a holiday home don't go to it stay in your main residence the trouble is the prime minister has three yes he's he's personal home he has checked his which he said that the state sort of country home at number ten Downing Street which he's not only he's home there's a plaque at the top of ten Downing Street to the resident prime minister but it's also a place of work and buried very big complex of office he spoke quite where he's taking they they they said this time out I'm not sure but I thank goodness we've got the technology that we didn't have thirty forty years ago absolutely everybody can keep in touch and communicate via Skype or teleconferencing of Twitter or anything but it seems weird though that you have to top officials you have Boris Johnson the blonde bombshell and you have prince Charles they don't seem to be the type that sort of stay in the same social circles of but were they had a meeting together anything I don't think they were over the GOP's you think about it shaking hands and and repetitive strain and injury must be the biggest problem if your local and there was video just that last night on our TV a prince Charles at various meetings meeting areas dignitaries I don't practice was quite humorous one I think he was meeting with one of the Indian politicians or it was at a at a religious palace and and and he joked about sort of brushing elbows rather than and if you remember that's where we work just a week or so ago now it's three two meters apart other otherwise you're in trouble yeah the the option the opportunity that what they have but the both of them in that capacity as leaders tend to be in the firing line if you like we're with British broadcaster Raymond Clark what are you hearing about us from America they're in England right what we're hearing that New York based if he's getting it bad he is suffering but I suppose they made this the situation as much as London east and west in the U. K. because of the intensity all of the population you know by essence everybody living in flats apartments you're on top of each other so the reason a lot of room to escape I will be hearing back stories though about your president that he thinks it's all a big get together by you so well that that's not what we're learning on the side of the Atlantic and and you know we we do just worry about the world I mean any right thinking person would hospitals in your being overwhelmed with hearing that as well but again in London we've got as I've mentioned I think in the other day and exhibition center where at the moment a hospital field hospital for up to four thousand beds is being set up so he's going to be those high intensity cities it would seem that I got to be at the forefront of this problem well the US economy is shut down our house of representatives today discussing a bill to final two trillion dollars into the economy this Britain experiencing a similar bill yeah I I'm the conservative government that the rate every thousand but not putting up taxis not borrowing money I think that I had to Boris Johnson becoming the prime minister and to a certain extent treated by but we go back to the days of David Cameron we had about eight years of austerity being told there is no money your call has money and and a lot of the infrastructure in the country showing the signs of no extension over those last eight years you come drive down the road without falling into a pothole no credit and before this coronavirus gap problem tragedy started bars without yes we can spend the money but I don't think even a month ago we did two weeks ago he envisaged spending this much money we had our annual budget and the chancellor less than two weeks ago with saying I'm going to spend a lot of money but since then he's accounted the billions wave we giving everybody that's got a job at the account what eighty percent of that salary by the every voice said that the jobs will continue and yesterday announcements were made for self employed and freelance people a day getting a similar figure based on their last three year tax returns so we Y. into the billions that we've we've borrowing area will be tying the self for a long long time but needs must I suppose but it does go to prove that in an emergency the money seems to be there well from an entertainment standpoint Bray I hear that Elton John is going to do a living room piano performance that fox television here in the states is going to carry live on Sunday night eastern nine PM have you heard about Elton John's piano living room performance well I hadn't heard about it thank you not by reading his biography about he's very catty doctor recommends that but but I'm just thinking we won't be looking at Elton John could be that what he looks like now we will be looking at the piano but we will be taking on the king he will pay for that he's gotten some of the strain your muscles we could rebuild with absolutely well you got to maintain a sense of humor anyway well yeah and the fact that driving over here in the U. K. and and as we said the other day social media downsides to it yes but the upside some of the humor he is just amazing and you see things every guiding I wish other feel about that he's just so good well back to the garden ray thanks for breaking down for the breaking news for us we appreciate you I had my share of my one piece of exercise a day were only allowed to go out of the door we're out of the property once a day for it because I felt dumb that said no excuse to have the afternoon off and put my feet up good idea our British broadcast friend Raymond Clark under disk Institute of Pittsburgh news line you love rate down to Kevin he's awesome his great say forty five triple a traffic powered by Bowser still serving your parts service and collision needs Cappy Berggren here with an update Larry no major issues out there on the roadways we have reports of a vehicle fire over Ardmore Boulevard near Kenmore Avenue looks like that's off of the roadway so we're not having any problems as far as traffic is concerned there or lane restrictions so that's pretty good of course tales and looks pretty good over on the parkway east as you make your way down towards foreign hell channels all the way into town seventy nine looks good so does the inbound side of the parkway north as you come off of the parkway of US seventy nine southbound heading down towards the city everything is clear for you over on the veterans bridge that looks good and over to crosstown Boulevard six and seventh avenues our next triple a truck on the fine city fifty five from the Presbyterian senior Kerr network traffic center thank you for going on news radio ten twenty KDKA mostly cloudy right now little fog in a few spots high around sixty rain tonight and that could be late and it could be heavy right now fifty degree.

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