Do Other Animals Have Blood Types Too?



But how much do other animals think about their blood types will presumably never given what we know about animal cognition but we humans do think about other animals because sometimes our animals received blood transfusions to and we want to make sure the blood that we're giving a ferret or a dog or parakeet doesn't cause blood incompatibility reaction that's a negative reaction causing the recipient's immune system to attack foreign blood producing antibodies against the red blood cell proteins or antigens in the donated blood although all animals have blood groups every species has a different system and we know the most systems of domesticated mammals. The human blood group system is based on three. Different Antigens A. B. O. The possible blood types we could have our A. B. A. B. and. Oh and each one of these can be either rh positive or negative type. O-negative blood is generally considered to be universally accepted by any other blood type and type. Ab Positive can receive any other type dogs for their part. Have more than eight. Different antigens that can attach to their red blood cells most of them labelled dog a wreath recite engine. Those eight types. Rda One point one one point two three four five six and seven often individuals within a specific breed of dog. We'll have the same blood. Type for instance sixty percents of greyhounds fall into the. Da One point one negative blood group the universal dog donor but new. Canine blood groups are still being detected. The recently discovered Dow Blood Group for example is only found in dominations. Cats on the other hand have only two possible antigens a and B though they aren't the same antigens a NBA found on human blood. There is no universal donor or recipient. Feeling Bud groups but the vast majority around ninety percent of domestic cats have type a blood while purebreds are often type. B. Ab is also possible but very rare dogs horse. Blood groups are loosely organized along breed lines but there are thirty different groups and they combinations of eight different antigens a C. D. K. P. Q. And you are internationally. Recognised while tea is still being researched cows. Meanwhile are tricky because there are eleven major blood groups. Abc F. J. L. M. R. S. T. Z. But the alone includes over sixty different antigens making blood matches for transfusions tough.

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