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Expects a bad recession because of the virus


From the Surgeon General and also a warning from JPMorgan chase CEO Jamie Dimon expects a bad recession because of the virus on Wall Street right now Dow futures are all pointing up let's take a look the Dow is up nine hundred eight the nasdaq two fifty one and the S. and P. ninety four seventy five predictions are tough to make in this wave of the virus Dr Richard Besser was acting CDC director during the swine flu years ago he's now the president and CEO of the Robert wood Johnson foundation some places where there's testing readily available yeah you know they've they're seeing their data and they know what's happening but I would I would just interpret it with it with it with egg you know a grain of of caution because the last thing you want to do is tell people yeah we've reached the worst and then have it get worse well you haven't got your first payment yet but president trump indicates there could be a second cash payment for qualifying American saying the idea is under serious consideration we could very well do a second round of direct I would do it directly well the status updated its covert nineteen dash board so now you can search by zip code to find the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus to get the latest information about your neighborhood just click on the link in the story at W. D. B. O. dot com and follow the step by step instructions

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Expects a bad recession because of the virus

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