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All Right Folks. Thank you and welcome back to the draws cast. I'm very excited to be with you again. I hope that you've been continuing to listen to the draws cast. We have some great interviews that we've downloaded over the last couple of weeks and have another great interview Here today with me He is the GM at the Briar Woods Country Club and a city just outside of Buffalo New York called Hamburg and his name is Spencer. Murray and Spencer and I know each other through some work that we've done together through the National Restaurant Association and we've been working on getting Spencer on the show for quite some time so Spencer Murray. Welcome to the Dr Cast. Hey thanks for having me Jeff. It's good to finally make this happened with you. I'm looking forward to to get into it with you yet. It's going to be great A previous podcast. I had a gentleman by the name of Aaron. Primo on and I called him a Whiz Kid. Because he's done quite a bit. In his years that he's been a Professional Anaconda put you into that group Not so much because your age because frankly I don't know how much or how old you are. You don't need to tell me that but I think that you've done a lot for the number of years that you've been making a living for yourself. So that's another reason why I wanted to have yon of the draws cast so So before we get your professional cry like to kind of set it up and find out a little bit of background about the people that are interview so Where did you grow up. What city specific did you grow up in? Sure so starting I'll tell you I'm thirty one so that we can get that out. Okay well then. You can be a whiz kid concerning. Yeah Yeah for me. That's a whiz kid. And I look sick. Buffalo New York in just the suburbs village called Williamsville. Just fifteen minutes outside of the city. You know. My my dad was a military guy. He was in the eighty second airborne and a he was a Jag officer as well too. So a military lawyer And my brother sister or at Fort Bragg North Carolina and then my dad moved up to buffalo to start his own private practice as an attorney so I was born here in Buffalo born and raised here and Most of my career. I spent seven years at a at a breakfast restaurant here. Most people are aware of if you've ever heard of the original Pancake House. Yeah I spent seven years as a kid started when I was first job. I worked at a P. It's a place I was fourteen years old. I made five bucks cash under the table and I they let me run the police that it was just kind of just got it at an extremely young age and learned how to deal with people then started as a dishwasher at original pancake. How listen and then throughout college and somebody's work. I Work Sides Washer. We'd orange juice plus boy creative people as host and just went through all. That was kind of my start hospitality and stuff but I love this area. I'm a diehard bills. Fan Bills Mafia. We're we're out here representing and I've lived away a couple of different places and now back. So you're part now is did you say it was the Buffalo Mafia or the bills Mafia bills? Yeah I had heard that term before. That's pretty interesting So that was going to be a question of mine if you were an a sports fan for the sports that are in the buffalo area but it sounds like it a yeah. I usually if you're from Buffalo. You're you're a big bills and the sabres kind of life around here whether we're good or bad and you say bad but we're good fans and we have a lot of fun so having been to buffalo a few times myself For those of you out there who are listening that have never been to Buffalo Niagara Falls is what would you say about twenty minutes? North of Buffalo. Was that about right? Yeah so Niagara Falls is right there. But Buffalo's got a really cool young vibe to it Especially as you get down into the city. Downtown so If they've had a really good kind of revitalization of the city over the last five six years and it's really taken this kind of artistic beautiful and just driven approach to making the city. Great you know the the food culture here is amazing. The People here are great. It's called the city good neighbors and and I love it. Here this is this is certainly western. New York is is my home and a Lotta. Yeah and it's very different Then you know people when they think of New York they think of New York City. When people think of Michigan they think of Detroit but there's so much more to the states of New York and Michigan than people realize because they just focus on that one area buffalo in western New York people. Are you say you must go to New York City all the time like seven and a half hours away from here? I can make it to Chicago in almost the same amount of time per se and I can be in West Virginian. Yeah exactly so. It's very different but I encourage. I don't work for the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce but and I'm getting no money from them for this interview but I can't tell you that it's a good place to visit if you're looking for places to go The summer or even in the wintertime. Because you you work at a country club but it also acts as a ski resort to my correct about that though so where I live. I live in a town about an hour. South of Buffalo called Eligibility York and it is awesome magical Kurowski town and there's two ski resorts that are so why I snowboard side. Love the winters play. Before this I worked I managed a restaurant in ski jump on so my busy season was winter and now the golf course. That's kind of flipped the script you know so I enjoy winter a little bit more so now but definitely work a little bit harder in the summertime now but no but we're connected I mean like I said I live in his ski town which is awesome. Actually New York has the most ski resorts I think out of any state country number wise. And it's great out here okay. That's great so now you are the GM of the Brier Country Club and we've established that you've worked at the International not the International House pancakes but the original house of pancakes. And that's kind of. Yeah and that's how you got started In your professional life How is it that you went from early management? Even though you shouldn't have been managing that original house of pancakes how did you get from there to the GM of the brier would country club? I can give you a little outline and just kinda how it went so Actually have a history degree. I played Lacrosse in college. I got a scholarship to pull les division to Ross at Franklin Pierce University I was always a history nerd. Grownups and I didn't really know what I wanted to do So my my major. I just decided to take history. I liked it. I played the cross. I thought I'd be the cool history teacher and coach at the school Had that kind of plan out but then I realized that time I kind of liked history. More a hobby rather than something. I wanted to do every day but at that point. I kind of knew I just wanted to do something involving hospitality. Entertainment an Kind of a not a shy guy and I went to small school for comparison. It just know in working in those kind of environments that the original packing house and stuff you just. I just learned how to deal with people but you had to these environments. So that's why I wanted to do so. I graduated. College became a food supervisory Internet. Six flags theme park in Springfield Massachusetts. I were a looney tunes tie and Khaki Pants and a short sleeve blue button down so you have yourself a six flags they mess and those kinds of things and I did that for a summer that I moved back home and I became assistant manager at the ritual. Pancake House at this place. You know the way you come in. It is the busiest Brecca's place all the area and it was one host which was myself still wore Khakis at that time. Couldn't get away from it. I guess And Green Pole and and everybody came in their name on a dry erase for it and that was the wait list for the thing and everybody just stare at you and here. I am this young kid and deal with all these adults different people and everybody's hungry after church. The breakfast in Hama just taught me a great deal of patients and just kind of savviness of just kind of dealing with people of all different ages and expectations

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