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C. U., London And Catholic Church discussed on Free Talk Live


Working on treatments sign Lisa listen Arraf fox news several drug companies actively working to come up with a drug to treat covert nineteen president trump with the announcement at this evening's coronavirus task force briefing currently ten different therapeutic agents are inactive trials in summer looking incredibly successful but we have to go through a process and it's going to be a fairly quick process I will tell you based on what the FDA tell me and another fifteen aren't plans for clinical trials and the president saying the federal government has reached an agreement with three M. for delivering an additional fifty five point five million mask each month for front line workers the president also wishing British prime minister Boris Johnson well after learning Johnson has been moved into intensive care after contracting the virus last month because the positive accredited buyers about ten days ago I want some of his colleagues like the health secretary now those advantage to shake it Boris Johnson has had a consistent temperature he couldn't get rid of it and as a result yesterday they moved him into hospital Downing Street said the Boris Johnson was just in hospital for precautionary tests and here we are learning that he's being moved to the I. C. U. and that he is handed over control of the government he's deputized to Dominic Raab the foreign secretary which means effectively Boris Johnson is no longer making those key decisions either national security or now and leading the coronavirus response oxes Benjamin hall in London New York is the hot spot for the virus in the U. S. two thousand six hundred fifty eight new cases overall we have a hundred thirty thousand people tested positive governor Andrew Cuomo the state is getting additional ventilators from California which has returned hundreds they had to the national stockpile an Australian court has dismissed convictions against cardinal George Pell the most senior member of the Catholic Church found guilty of child sex abuse.

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C. U., London And Catholic Church discussed on Free Talk Live

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