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With two left lanes blocked there


Right it is clear and cool sixty four now what R. Landau severe weather station say touch security triple team traffic LOL hello Joel overnight construction remains on I. forty eastbound it's universal Boulevard unified three right lanes blocked traffic single file in that left lane start to see a little bit more of a slow down through that area to get extra minute or two at the most to get through there also read work on ninety five north found the exit ramp to US ninety two that ramp is closed and then you got roadwork on ninety five south bound at mile marker two seventy six with two left lanes blocked there this traffic report is brought to you by up work when you need in demand talent on demand a fork has a world's largest network

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With two left lanes blocked there

Orlando's Morning News Last month

So bumper to bumper from before Cesar Chavez really crawling is also backed up traffic on the central freeway too

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 1 hr ago

Ninety five getting the overnight works on set up this evening

WTOP 24 Hour News 2 hrs ago

This report is sponsored by Florida prepaid Florida prepaid open enrollment ends in three days

Orlando's Evening News 2 hrs ago

Celebrating its seniors by lining up golden blue that story is coming up right after

KRLD News, Weather and Traffic 2 hrs ago

Chesterfield valley next to

Total Information PM 2 hrs ago

Code Hannity

Sean Hannity 4 hrs ago

Ninety and we can I think he's found accident every car right there just before forty five in the left lane

Sean Hannity 5 hrs ago

Old Georgetown road northbound

WTOP 24 Hour News 6 hrs ago

Construction was the left lane closed until eight this evening

Dennis Prager 7 hrs ago

A single left lane gets by the work

WTOP 24 Hour News 7 hrs ago