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Changes in Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World with Brian Roemmele



Today. We're going to do the same thing. We're going to start looking at every single way that patient interacts with the medical system and the medical system with the patient. Now one of the things we can do is to try to diagnose legally and under Happe- And and other laws and Rural Medical Association requirements to help diagnose individuals to the degree that we can use voice in and of itself Symptom recovery and symptom translation within the guides of the I. Protocols that we've created and what I call human telemetry these of bio sensors. We're going to start seeing a rise of bio sensors that will interact with AI invoice. I devices for a lot of reasons number one just as a early warning system. For example I I work on a number of telemetry systems with my intelligence amplifier. It can tell whether or not I've gotten a fever or my average core. Temperature has fluctuated or my heart rate. Variability or any number of about forty five different sort of telemetry point. Some of them are redundant but conf confirmational even even an inner ear device or a near field voice first device like an ear pod can read the ear-drum and there's a lot that we can get out of the ear drum number one human human temperature to pulse number three heart rate. I can go down on this. It's also the endpoint of dilemmatic system. The eardrum is part. In way of the lymphatic system. There's other things. We can determine because the lymphatic system is reaction point to any pathogen with which has been discovered by your body whether it be white blood cell to another immune system response so moving forward. We're going to have this symphony of of bio sensors. That will either be put on you when you walk into a hospital. Hopefully copper contact points and and it will start diagnosing you before a medical attendant gets to see you so you're telemetry is now in the system again. This has to be done with extreme privacy extreme compliancy to not ever being on a publicly available network. I'm going to be very clear about any device I talk about should never be on the Internet period. There's no discussion about it. I'm not talking about encryption. Talking even about blockchain saying it never goes honey public network. That's how you're sure that it's never to be compromised. The more you giving up your privacy on these human telemetry devices the more you have to give in privacy and if we don't move lockstep with both of these at the exact same time we're setting ourselves up for repercussions that really. Few people can understand will result from so we know that there are a number of signs of any virus within the human body and one of those things are your temperature gradient. Start Changing so we have an early warning system. I've a temperature. Their Voice. First device is notified of this. Let's call it. You're a device voice. I device by the way to me. Isn't again the ones that? I want to build in the stuff that I'm building is an intelligent assistant tuned to you to Europe particular Your your particular personality. Your particular outlook your particular goals motivations and it notices a number of things. Your sleep pattern has changed. Early Warning System. How do I know that I've gone? Through a couple of thousand public database. That's now available of all chronic viruses I downloaded all the reports and I'm already all the studies. Research Studies was put up three days ago. And I've already come to some amazing conclusions about all Crun- viruses. I'm not a medical doctor. I do not have a single degree. I never went to university. Technically so I'm just some guy so take that with the level of Whatever But the reality is we've drawn some conclusions from these studies there early warning systems and again people with degrees and and all the other things that are required to do this legally can come down and look at the information and I could say okay. Some of the early warning systems are sleep pattern disturbances Digestive pattern disturbances. You go into the bathroom too much or too little Your temperature gradients of change. Heart rate variability has changed. Your blink rate has changed for example we route. We now know that one of the early warning signs for Kovac. Nineteen as it is for some forms of Novel Krona Viruses from the studies. That we've downloaded here and on the AI on Has A an IT? Usually some kind some kind of change in taste and some kind of change. I blink in Potential even pink eye is one of the implications so these are early warning systems. Right now Terry Right now. There's millions of people locked down and her saying do I have it. I need a test I need to know I need to know a need to know. Okay you know. Maybe maybe you need to know if you're somebody that's in a high risk area you know. Maybe you need to know more than somebody that isn't high risk to me is one thing and one thing only immune system period I have to say that today and again I'm not somebody with a degree saying mom somebody who's done research the thing. The one thing that makes you vulnerable to anything is compromised immune system so if you have a compromised immune system and you have some of these other patterns and you have systems that we will design post twenty twenty pandemic and we meaning. Hopefully everybody in this community of inventors and creators. We'll be able to say with a an apple. Watch type of device. A Air POD type of device will be able to say a lot more clearly. What your daily biometric patterns are light through this telemetry and you can choose an electric to give that to your doctors. Medical database and the doctors medical database can function on that on a higher level. Giving Terry Fisher a report. Every morning on all the patients choose to participate. So now you have true telemedicine post. Two Thousand Twenty P pandemic refinery going to start embracing true telemedicine because financially the entire world is going to break it has broken to a certain level so we have to rebuild what we think medicine should look like and not through special interests because most of the laws in roles that have kind of plot piled on top of each other for the last hundred and fifty odd years have been built like most rules and laws through special interest when large resets. And it's another thing. We went from one thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred. Nineteen World War One World War Two and by the way nineteen thousand nine hundred nineteen Pandemic correlated to World War One. And there's a lot of correlations to that get into that kind of function technology today but because there's a technology angle to that but what we're going to see is hopefully irrational discussion in the United States and Canada. Around the world about what this medicine look like in his post twenty twenty panic

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Changes in Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World with Brian Roemmele

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