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To be slowing the number of new coronavirus infections in Italy has gone down again percentage wise but the death toll remains high and today it was seven hundred and sixty six so the lock down here has been extended through April thirteenth the head of civil protection says it is likely people will be asked to stay at home at least until the beginning of may the number of doctors and medical professionals who have died fell over one hundred now with two nurses reportedly having committed suicide in Italy Amy Kellogg fox news cream court says it will postpone arguments scheduled for this month due to the pandemic but is not ruling out hearing some arguments within months that means a total of twenty arguments scheduled for March and April have now been postponed that includes fights over subpoenas for president trump's financial records the president keeping in touch with world leaders during the pandemic the White House confirming a call today between president trump and French president Emmanuel macron the two leaders discussed the latest coronavirus developments with president trump conveying that the U. S. stands with the French people and expressed condolences for those who have lost their lives in France as a result of the pandemic the president and president macron also discuss convening P. five leaders soon to increase U. N. cooperation on defeating the pandemic and ensuring international peace and security France has had more than fifty three hundred deaths associated with the coronavirus in Washington John decker fox news yeah

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Dot com slash easy yep health

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