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20 Trivia Questions on Beat the Genius



For telling a friend about the show. One am I friends Brent. Barky sent me a big packet of different things in a google drive different rounds of Trivia that I will be using it some live events in the near future when we get back to hosting live events and at home. Here on the PODCAST. He said use whatever you want so I thought it'd be fun today to switch it up. This one's called beat the genius and I'll explain the rules and stuff in just a bit but basically you are going to have one person in the room. You claim is the genius if you're playing at home with the group or if you just WANNA play by yourself. You're going to listen to these questions and try and take a guess at numerical type question so they're not questions. Anybody really knows an answer to probably. We are looking for kind of guesstimate. If you play that Game Whitson wagers there questions. You'd probably find in wits and wagers if you are a Patriot subscriber get ready because I have a bunch extra free time and I'm GonNa send all the rewards a little bit early so you should get them before April hopefully Here in the next week or so week to ten days you should have all your awards for the month of March one of the tears that we added this month is our e book club and that's at the fifteen level or higher and I sent out the link to the book club so everybody can get started at an early. I know my friend Brenda Martinez is reading it and I am reading it as well about thirty pages in it's called recurs by Blake Crouch if you WanNa go find that and read it yourself or get it from a library of libraries are still open from you. It's a really good and I think it's book are finished in a few days because it reads rather quickly so check that out recurs in if you want to read along with us and talk about the book shout out to my friend. Blah one one seven nine who just left this review on Friday for the PODCAST. They said five stars. Great Show I've been a daily listener for the past two months it's a must-listen for me. Ryan is a tremendous host. Keeps you entertained? And is interested in a plethora of topics. Thank you so much Blah one seven nine. I appreciate it all right. We're going to jump into this game right now. Remember the rules are coming up. And you're going to try and guess numerical answers for about twenty questions. It's called beat the genius and it turned. Brent Barky here we go all right. It's time for beat the genius here are the rules for this game It says choose one member of your group to be a genius. This should be the person in the room that the group considers to be the smartest so pick the genius in your group have the genius. Sit on one side of the room and the rest of the group on the other this game will be the genius versus everyone else. The game beat the GEEKS. Remember that the host will ask the genius. A question where the answer is a number the genius will give their best. Guess for what the correct answer is. The team must work together to decide if the correct answer is higher or lower than geniuses. Guess if the team guesses correctly they get one point if they guess incorrectly. The point goes to the genius if the genius can guess exactly right. The genius scores three points. Play as long as you want or until the questions. Run OUT HERE. Come those twenty questions you can play with. Beat the Genius Number One. What is the greatest amount of snow to fall in a single? Us location in a twenty four hour period number one. What is the greatest amount of snowfall a single US? Location in a twenty four hour period..

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20 Trivia Questions on Beat the Genius

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