Italian doctor estimates 60% of Bergamo population has coronavirus


Also are one of the doctors are in the in in Italy that's in the middle of this that was talking the Wall Street journal he's seen all sorts of disasters in Haiti Chad Kurdistan Ivory Coast and he's in Bergen which is one of most was his wealthiest area nicest newest hospitals there he estimates that around sixty percent or more of the population of Birkenau has coronavirus sixty percent of Bergen he estimates has coronavirus what in god's name are you not understanding about this the death notices in the Bergen echo which is the paper there normally take up over a page just over a page on Monday they filled nine pages so nine times the death notice and by the way I did see the the contagious contagion whatever rate and it it literally is like approximately two times the contagious contagious nis America board of that than the than the regular flu it is two times more contagious than the

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