Schools Struggle to Implement Online Learning in Pandemic

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The CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC MEANS AMERICAN. Schools are now forced into teaching more than fifty million children remotely opening up a range of new challenges. There's even disagreement among educators over one of the most basic things taking attendance are Charlie. Turner spoke with Journal Education Reporter Tunnel. Hobbs talk about why attendance is important and not just for the obvious reason. The kids need to go to class. The reason why some district still want to take attendance is because some of them will use that to determine participation they're going to use it to termine obviously grades. You know how these students are performing but they might need to use that determined. She we pass the student to the next grade or should get to graduate This is a way that districts are trying to basically to keep the students engaged. Keep them learning especially students who are already felling. They want those students to try to bring up their grades or to try to show an effort tunnel. It seems like school. Districts had to set up remote learning on the fly since the pandemic led to an abrupt shutdown of schools. So what are some of the ways? Schools take attendance for remote. Learning what school districts are doing. The ones that the school districts that already had a jump start like their students already had laptops in hot spots They are the ones that I see taking the attendance when students log into actually work. District's that art setup. All other students don't have laptops Wifi. What I noticed these district's doing is. They're handing out packages of Information. Just hard copies. They are allowing parents to call in and vouch for their children. Participate in that day. Some of them aren't taking attendance at all and some of them are basically gauging attendance. On you know progress. The student makes during that week and does it also depend on whether the school district has economically disadvantaged children in some cases that is you when you see the district that are in more affluent areas. They have an easier time with online. Learning it's not just because the school system is handing out laptops because a lot of time already have those devices at home they already have the Internet at home for instance here in Dallas in Dallas. There are a lot of low income students but that district started several years ago. Just getting laptops out there to the kids. So they were pretty advanced in their wireless program. But you have some districts that just. Aren't that far long tunnel. Why don't you go more into why? Some districts are more successful than others when it comes to getting students to log in for class. The reason why some districts are more successful than others because those districts have typically. They've already started their technology programs several years ago where they've tried to outfit all the kids with laptops or tablets or Wi fi just to start their online programs and this is before the Krahn virus showed up so these districts almost had a head start in a way whereas other districts. A lot of districts right now are kind of playing catch up. They're out there buying thousands of laptops just to try to get their online programs going. But if you haven't practiced for this or you haven't planned for. It's it's it's just not as easy as going out buying a laptop everybody has to be trained in it. The students have to not use it. The teachers have to learn how to use the programs to teach so it is very challenging but the district's that I have noticed that we're able to make easier transition into online. Learning are the ones that had already started building up their technology programs before this even happened

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